VIDEO: Seravince featuring Renee Neufville’s “Perfect Stranger”

Seravince had his album relased in Japan before anyone else got a chance to hear it, and perhaps there’s a devotion to soul, funk, jazz, and disco there that is slightly different from anywhere else. That appreciation has been noted and that album has been released in North America this week, entitled Hear To See (Moovmnt), and the first video from it called “Perfect Stranger” was directed by Gary Nurse. The song features Renee Neufville (of Zhane fame) on vocals and while she is not in the video, her presence is very much felt in an incredible performance.

AUDIO: Pepe Deluxé’s “My Flaming Thirst (Jon Kennedy Remix)”

Jon Kennedy creates a remix for Pepe Deluxe’s “My Flaming Thirst”, and this one is smashing. You may have heard the song on Pepe’s Queen Of The Wave album, but this remix album arguably takes it to the edge where it could/should/needs to be, complete with Aarre Saari’s vocals making everything sound right.

RECORD CRACK: Glen Porter releases new 10 inch EP

The forthcoming 10″ EP by Glen Porter, limited to only 300 copies, is a team effort between Content (L)abel, Ooohh! That’s Heavy Recordings and Mism Records, and it will be released in late August. Called The Devil Is A Dancer, The Piper Is A Madman, the cover designed by Oliver Cartright is said to be “a figurative illustration of the record’s title”, which on the EP is represented by two songs, both of which you can listen via Bandcamp. Porter plays all of the instruments in these songs, and some of it sounds like what you may expect on records by Malcolm Catto or Shawn Lee.

Speaking of Bandcamp, you are able to pre-order the 10″ from there in differenkt package deals. The digital version of the EP will feature three bonus tracks:
Kiss The Pretty Ones Goodbye
Ask Her Nicely and She’ll Show You The Scars (Yppah remix)

Glen Porter creates mind music, he is his own band and isn’t afraid to explore the possibilities by being just one, for there are no limitations if you put your mind to it, and he does here.

VIDEO: Gang Colours’ “To Repel Ghosts”

Last week, I showed you Gang Colours performing “To Repel Ghosts” in a live setting. Now you’re able to see the full-on promotional film clip for it. The song is from their album The Keychain Collection, which you can order below via Amazon.

VIDEO: Gang Colours’ “To Repel Ghosts (Live)”

Upon first listen, I’m wondering this is all they were going to do: make an instrumental in a live setting. There’s a part in this song that reminded me of “Who Do You Love” and I was getting into it. Then the vocals began and thought “aaah”. Loved the lengthy intro, and then thought if this could warm me over, this could have the same effect on many.

You’ll be able to hear the studio version on their latest album, The Keychain Collection (Brownswood Recordings).

BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Hiatus Kaiyote’s “Tawk Tomahawk”

Photobucket When this was suggested to me by someone, I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than that if it was given a thumbs up by someone, and they were moved enough to recommend it to me, I should like it.

This went beyond a simple “like”.

The music by Melbourne, Australia’s Hiatus Kaiyote balances on that thin line of any genre you want to coem up with upon listening, and wipes it away with every note. In this case, it’s a mixture of soul, funk, and disco mixed in with electronic touches. Within acoustic guitar touches and atmospheric backgrounds are hints of minimalism, so on one end I could hear hints of Jazzanova, Can, and Jaza Jazzist, on the other end I hear gentle kisses from the influence of Erykah Badu, Georgia Anne Muldrow, and Res. There are also some Latin and jazz vibes here too, and while I could spend a lot of time analyzing every second of this album, referring to the careful-but-powerful use of loops, echoes, and reverb, but… it’s a bit similar to hearing all of this great music throughout your life, hearing a band that plays some of your favorite songs but them knowing what sounds you should be hearing. The raspiness of vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Nai Palm shows she and they are not afraid to get ready or be too smooth, adding a perceived flaw into something that may be mechanic but somehow sounds organic. At any given moment, Hiatus Kaiyoke may switch vibe and you can’t help yourself but go along for their adventurous musical ride.

Tawk Tomahawk is “album length”, although if you remove the songs that are under two minutes, it makes for a fine EP. I love how they explore and get thematic in “Mobius Streak” and “Lace Skull”, but I look forward to the future in case they decide to explore even further and deeper by creating songs longer than 8 or 9 minutes. I want more.

(Mahalo nui to Madison McFerrin for the Hiatus Kaiyote recommendation.)

VIDEO: Electric Wire Hustle’s “Again”

New Zealand has been a secret hot spot for incredible music, and as of now, not too many people out side of Australasia know this, but this will one day soon change. Electric Wire Hustle have been creating music for a few years and have done a considerable amount of traveling. Yet when you see their new video “Again”, you’re going to think “where have these guys been all my life, and how can I keep them there?”

The group are currently on tour in Europe, including a date this Saturday at the North Sea Jaw Festival, where they are the only Kiwi band to perform there this year. If you like what you hear and see, get to them in person.

8 July Kassablanca, Jena, Germany
9 July North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
10 July The Garden Festival, Zadar, Croatia
15 July The Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
16 July Dour Festival, Dour, Belgium
17 July Colours Of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic
22 July Boogie Brain Festival, Szczecin, Poland
27 July Cassiopeia, Berlin, Germany
28 July The Atomic Cafe, Munich, Germany
29 July Rotunde, Bochum, Germany
31 July Appelsap Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
4 August Stadtmusik Fesitval, Basel, Switzerland
5 August The Big Chill, Ledbury, UK

REVIEW: Quadron’s “Average Fruit Remixes”

Photobucket As fans wait for a new album from Quadron, the duo have approved of an EP of remixes of “Average Fruit”, with some really good producers reconstructing the track.

The song continues in its soulful path with remixes by Heartbeat Lazy Sunday and 104Rog, but after those tracks, the sound begins to explore some new boundaries. The mix by fLako sounds like it would fit in an obscure 1969 French film, while Slym‘s mix might end up in a radio set by the guys in Jazzanova or maybe something involving Shinichi Osawa. ATR‘s mix will be appreciate on the dancefloors around the world.

The rest of the EP is quite good and it’s great to hear remixes that do not song like the one before or after, which only helps make the original “Average Fruit” less average. Also, the fact that people can still give these songs life over a year after its original release shows the strength of these songs and the trust fans have in hearing new revisions of the familiar.

REVIEW: Electric Wire Hustle’s “Chaser” (single)

Photobucket Electric Wire Hustle have been getting a nice buzz for their combination of soul-meets-electronic beats to create a post-modern, futuristic reminiscing vibe that will be very familiar to fans of hip-hop who love their music with a soulful and funky touch. Chaser (BBE) is their latest single, and the title track kind of tills the void that D’Angelo has neglected to fill in the last ten years. The Scratch 22 remix of “Again” could have easily been something Phonte Coleman and Amy Winehouse could’ve felt at home with as a duet, but here you just hear a sweet soulful vocal with delicate echoes of the past with a much-needed funk embrace of today.

(The Chaser single will be available on November 22nd as MP3 or WAV file downloads directly from Barely Breaking Even, or from your favorite digital merchants.)