RECORD CRACK: Ellay Khule reveals a slice of his past on new 45

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These days you may know him as Rifleman but many will also know him as Ellay Khule, an MC who has been doing things longer than most of you have been scratching your dil bags. Asita Recordings has released a brand new 7″ 45 rpm single as part of their new Cali Classics series, featuring two tracks from 1993. “Rifleman” and “Knuckle Sandwich” will bring back a lot of memories when fans were looking to a different side of Cali hip-hop than the mainstream wanted everyone to listen to. There was much more to California than Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, E-40, and Ice Cube, so there were a number of unspoken movements where MC’s, DJ’s, and producers looked elsewhere for inspiration, and this 45 is an example.

Listening to this flashback reminds me of when I first listened to “On Tempo Jack” by Phill Most Chill, where even if you hadn’t heard it before, it feels like you’ve been listening to it for decades. In this case, this is a reflection of what was 1993, which is two decades ago.

The 45 is available from a number of online record merchants (including AccessHipHop), but you can buy your copies directly from Asita Recordings.

SOME STUFFS: Ellay Khule performs in Honolulu this Thursday night

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If you are in Honolulu this week, or about to head there, you’ll want to go to this concert at The Loft (115 N. Hotel St. #2). It brings together Ellay Khule along with NoCanDo, Joe Dub, and DJ Jus Jones. Anticon‘s own Jel is scheduled to appear as well, so head to the show and celebrate the last weekend of May 2009 in style.

The show is 21 and over, $10 at the door. For more information, head to Lightsleepers.

Unfamiliar with Ellay Khule? Hui: