VIDEO: EMS’ “The Spittin’ Dead”

EMS are Revalation, M-Dot, Kore, Mayhem, Undu Kati, Benefit and Desco and together they’re not hanging around just to be seen, they want to be heard too and are doing show with their new song “The Spittin’ Dead.” Not only that, they’ve made a video for it too, which will appear on Revalation’s forthcoming EP Emergency Broadcast, which means this song is only a test. The song was produced by Soul Infected.

FREE MP3 DL: Revalation featuring Joe Scudda & Mayhem’s “Up Against”

 photo RevalationUA_cover_zps0ae3f4d5.jpg
When Joe Scudda and Mayhem can be obtained to drop a verse in your song, take the opportunity and run with it. This is what Revalation and producer Prime Beats did when they asked them to do something for a song, and they did. “Up Against” is what happened, and what happened is impressive. Feature Presentation is the album Revalation will release that he is hoping will impress more.

FREE MP3 DL: Don Streat featuring EMS’ Geeked Up (Remix)”

 photo DonStreat_cover_zps5007703e.jpg
Confidence produced this new track by Don Streat, a remix of “Geeked Up” featuring EMS, a collective that contains the talents of Mayhem, Desco, Revalation & Ty Quoddy. It also has some nice fresh cuts from DJ Grazzhoppa. The song has an elegant mix tape vibe so insert it in, but only full insertions, please.

WARNING: The song contains a reference to a “chocha”.