REVIEW: Entropy’s “Out Of Spite” (7″ EP)

 photo Entropy_cover_zpsab3c720e.jpg Entropy sound angry and angst-ridden, and sometimes it is all you need to be a powerful hardcore band. Well, that, songwriting ability and musicianship that helps get you from point A to point B in a smooth manner, and Entropy do just that with their new 7″ EP Out Of Spite (Say-10). Most of these songs are under 90 seconds so they’re completely into establishing a message, expressing it and getting out immediately so they can move on to the next song. These songs have bold statements and could easily become anthems for their fans, which will definitely bring some heavy action in the pit. The guitar riffs and bassline hit hard while the drummer is frantic and keeping things centered throughout each song. You’ll want to remember these songs and fortunately it will not take long to remember the lyrics. Now, if they can do 10 songs in under ten minutes, I’m ready for a full length album of about 45 songs. Bring that one on, guys.

(Out Of Spite is available in two different color variations, as well as in digital form, from Say-10 Records.)

RECORD CRACK: Entropy to release “Out Of Spite” 7″ EP

 photo EntropyOOS_PS_zps0d8e47d2.jpg
For a bit of nice hardcore/punk, you’ll want to check out the forthcoming 10-song 7″ EP by Entropy. Out Of Spite (Say-10) features tracks with such luscious titles as “Lone Survivor”, “Inheriting The Lie”, and “Welcome To Costco, I Love You”. The record will come in two different color variations:

white vinyl (300 copies)
randomly colored vinyl (100 copies)

I’m not sure if “randomly” truly means random, or “whatever the pressing plant chose, we are alright with it”. You may pre-order your copy from Say-10 Records & Skateboards. It is scheduled to be released on October 15th.