VIDEO: Esh & Arc’s “Werewolves Anonymous”

You know of that Esh guy, you know, the Monolith? That guy, and you may also know of that Arc guy as well. They released an EP last year called Nightworks and this is one of its videos, directed by Matt Watkins. This is one of those songs where you may end up saying “wow, nice to hear hip-hop still sounding like this.”

Esh has another project due out next week, this time an album as Loop Minded Individuals serving as one half of that collective, the album is called A Hitchhiker’s Guide To A Verse and you may find out more by clicking here.

BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Esh & Dox’s “Invisible” (EP)

Photobucket Esh is Esh The Monolith, and Dox is a part of Poorly Drawn People. Together they have recorded one of the best hip-hop projects I’ve heard this year, and yet despite how forward they are, as a unit they are choosing to be Invisible (Labeless Intelligence).

It has been awhile, three yeas to be exact, since I last heard from Esh with his album, The A​.​D​.​D​.​ventures of an E​.​ccentric S​.​uper H​.​ero, so it was very nice to see that he had some new work. But damn, as I listened to these seven songs I was highly impressed by not only his flow and lyrics, but how well Dox produced these tracks. It’s not only that the manipulated sounds moved me, but that it is a perfect fit. I briefly read another review which called the production an accumulation of “classic rock-inspired beats” beats but this is hip-hop to me. When he says “I’m so bored of the same old shit”, he means it and I believe Esh’s and Dox’s fans will agree that this is simply creativity and activity towards creating something other than the same old shit. With lyrics like “you couldn’t follow the ish that I claim is basic/if my lyrics are the shit, my mouth is the brain’s anus” and “Pa dukes had a mustache, and he loved hash”, it shows Esh is very much tired of the game, as he talks about in “Bored Games”. Throughout the EP, his strengths lie in him not being afraid to expose his weaknesses, whether it’s not being someone who wants to play sports but knowing how to play with his vocal capabilities. It’s nice to hear hip-hop made in 2011 that is playful, honest, a bit vulnerable and incredibly smart. There’s a lot of smirk factor in these tracks, in both the lyrics and Dox’s beats and sample choices, and while it would be easy to say “these guys could’ve released a full album”, I am someone who has always been a fan of the EP format. Then, as now, an EP is an “extended play”, meant to be less than an album, but more than a 2-song single. I would like to hear them do more EP’s together, or for Esh and Dox to work with others on an individual basis in the same capacity. Invisible should be seen and heard.