FREE MP3 DL: Dre Murray’s “Dark Knight Rises (Ess Be Remix)”

This may be listed as an “unofficial remix” but when it is very good and perhaps better than the original, it doesn’t matter, you make it your own personal favorite. This is a remix by Ess Be for Dre Murray’s “Dark Knight Rises” and this one has a very nice vibe, you may like it too.

AUDIO: Ozay Moore featuring Miles Young’s “Royalty (Remix)”

Seattle’s Ozay Moore released a new single today on Illect Recordings that has a nice complimentary chorus from singer Miles Young, and this could easily make people get down and funky and keep themselves in a groove for the rest of the night. The song is called “Royalty” so have some loyalty to this and make it work during any time of the day. The song is produced by Ess Be if the well known Be family of producers. Check out the vocalized and instrumental remixes of the song, along with the original version above.

AUDIO: Sareem Poems & Ess Be’s “Higher”

Sareem Poems & Ess Be are ready to come out with an album at the end of the month through Illect Recordings called Beautiful
and if you want to know what the beauty sounds like, you may listen to “Higher” right now. The album is available to pre-order below via Amazon.