REVIEW: Estate’s “Slipstream” (EP)

Estate photo EstateSS_cover_zps9e904b50.jpg The gentlemen of Estate are tightening their elastic waistbands for some intense grooves on their new single, which they’re releasing as a 5-song EP’

Slipstream features three mixes of the title track, all of which are heavily influenced by disco because, well, they are disco. The original mix will definitely move you to get involved in a line dance, while the Diry McKenzie Flute Stream Remix will make you want to spruce up your suits and dance (to this). There’s even a flute solo, which I loved. The DCUP sounds like something straight off of Prince’s self titled second album mixed in with the vocal harmonies from S.O.S. Band’s “Take Your Time (Do It Right)”, and bra, dis bugga is fierce.

The virtual “other side” of the single features two mixes of “Pressure’s On”, with the musical sensibilities sounding a bit like Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five’s “The Message”, so now Estate have positioned themseives at 1982. The more abrasive Sloslylove Remix is European in nature, or at least it sounds a bit left of center, which I liked, as if someone in London said “we need this song to be a bit more intense”. Then someone would say “oh, these guys ripped off those producers from Boston, that’s why it sounds so good. Keep on arguing, which will stop you from dancing to these two groovers.

VIDEO: Estate’s “Slipstream”

Estate – Slipstream (Official Song/Video) from Estate on Vimeo.

From the glorious Estate empire comes a nicely compiled video put together from “found” footage, and it’s a doozy. It’s for the very nice “Slipstream”, a brief look back at what TV entertainment meant for some of us in the late 80’s/early 90’s, when this type of exploitation seemed silly and not a way to make a living. As for the music, it’s meant for the living. Caution: images may be slick, thick, and strong.

BTW: “Slipstream” will be released as a single and EP next month.

SOME STUFFS: Estate complete two remixes for NIVA

If you’re a fan of Estate, you’ll want to check out two new remixes they put together for an artist out of Sweden named NIVA. The track is called “Dirty Water”, and each mix has its own feel and depth, but both will make you dance. If you like either of the tracks, you’re able to download each mix, free of charge courtesy of NIVA and Estate. Or if you like what you hear with the Soundcloud players below, simply click here for the “Estate Funktion Mix“, or click there for the “Estate Slam Top Remix”.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Arthur Russell’s “That’s Us/Wild Combination (Estate Remix)”

Arthur Russell – That’s Us/Wild Combination (Estate Remix) from Estate on Vimeo.

Estate have created a remix for Arthur Russell‘s “That’s Us/Wild Combination”, and you can download the track for free. Stream & listen, and if you like it, download it. The video below is not a proper video, but if for some reason the Soundcloud player is not showing up, click the vid.

VIDEO: Flamingo Drive feat. Kristine’s “Strange World”

Flamingo Drive feat. Kristine – Strange World from Satin Jackets on Vimeo.

The glory days of MTV are long gone, but there was a time in our pop culture history when people remembered a time before MTV. When MTV hit, the sounds and visuals excited a generation. The 80’s brought such innovations as home video gaming, compact discs, and video cassette recorders. Some of these things are rooted in technologies from the 60’s and 70’s, even the VCR has some roots in the 50’s. But it was fascinating. What was also fascinating? The cool things you could watch on TV.

In truth, some of those shows and movies were hideous. I mean, a movie called So Fine which involved a guy who made it possible for women to wear jeans with the ass cheeks hanging out? It paved the way for some of Prince‘s outfits a few years later. The good and bad of 80’s music, videos, and visuals can be seen in this fun dance track by Flamingo Drive, with a video made by the guys in Estate. It’s nostalgic, it’s rad, it’s totally tubular, and it makes 60’s and 70’s fashion fairly tame in comparison. Bust out your mustard colored Dove shorts, it’s time to bop with Flamingo Drive.

VIDEO: Estate’s “Nuclear City”

When I hear about new music from Estate, I want to hear more. New projects, new videos, I want to see and hear. This is the brand new video from them called “Nuclear City”, the title track from their new EP. The video itself is “found footage” of what was considered the future, now looking more like the past. Take a look.

VIDEO: Estate’s “In The Red”

The guys in Estate push on with cool sounds and in this case new sights, in the form of a video for “In The Red”. If you wish to view other Estate delicacies, click here.

If you like what you hear and want to hear more, head over to the official Estate Bandcamp page.

Estate – In The Red from Estate on Vimeo.