VIDEO: MoSS featuring Eternia’s “Day & Night”

MoSS ft. Eternia | DAY & NIGHT | **OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO** from Ian Johnson on Vimeo.

MoSS has a new track out for everyone and this one is called “Day & Night”, which features someone whom I feel is one of the best MC’s out today. Despite that fact, I didn’t hear about this video until after the fact but I’m here to tell you about it and I hope you take time to watch this too, as directed by Ian Johnson. The song is taken from MoSS’ Marching To The Sound Of My Own Drum album released in November.

SOME STUFFS: Mello Music Group release new album by Apollo Brown today

It’s easy to just read the subject line and bail out of here to do something else but you need to know just a little more. Detroit rapper Apollo Brown has not onlyu come out with a new album today, but it is an album with 19 brand new songs. In many ways, a title like Grandeur couldn’t be any more appropriate. Some of the people on here include the late Sean Price, plus the great Eternia, Masta Ace, Chino XL, Ugly Heroes, O.C. and many more. Stream it in full, then get yourself a copy for later, or for others.

FREE DL: Eternia’s “Scraps”
One of the best MC’s out today has released a song that hadn’t been out before when she recorded it last year, but she decided to share it with the world. The song is called “Scraps” but this is anything but and if you’ve been a fan of her work for a few years, you’ll know why. It’s a free download too.

VIDEO: Eternia’s “The Half (Live)”

Eternia Performance from Peter Hatch Film on Vimeo.

Karla Plimmer shot this live performance of Canadian rapper Eternia with her GoPro camera and if you don’t know, please realize this: Eternia is a rapper that you cannot mess with and if you go, prepare to get your reputation blown. I love the work that she does and while it would be too easy to complain about why she isn’t more popular or why she hasn’t collaborated with some of the legends of hip-hop, I will say this: if you don’t know, then get to know her now. Along with her on stage is Scott Jackson, who is Canada’s beat box champion.

VIDEO: A Cast Of Hip-Hop All-Stars’ “Christmas In Hollis”

A new version of “Christmas In Hollis” may be considered sacrilege by some, but when you realize it features Eternia, Pete Rock, Deltron 3030, Kardinal Offishal, and Camp Lo among many, then you realize “well damn, if Eternia is in this, I better turn this one up”. Damn right you should.

FREE DL: Eternia featuring pHoenix Pagliacci’s “Final Offering”

 photo EterniaFO_cover_zpsec7f3c91.jpg
Last week, the awesome Eternia resurfaced with a brand new video called “Final Offering” for everyone to see. If you loved the song but had hoped for the digital file, you can now download it for free in the format of choice via Bandcamp below.

VIDEO: Eternia featuring pHoenix Pagliacci’s “Final Offering’

Eternia has been somewhat quiet in the last few years, but has dropped hints in the last few weeks of “something new is coming” and now we get to hear and see it. It’s a track called “Final Offering” which brings in pHoenix Pagliacci for assistance. The video was directed by Alex Narvaez, and while I hope it is not Eternia’s final music offering (she did say “Goodbye” once before), I hope this is a positive sign of what’s to come.

REVIEW: Demigodz’s “KILLmatic”

Demigodz photo Demigodz_cover_zps0415499b.jpg “Ass and cigarettes” is not what this album smells like, far from it, but as they say, the Demigodz is back. Apathy and Celph Titled have gathered once more to create an album that is the definition of a “banger”, and KILLmatic (self-titled) is something that must be heard for those who understand what quality hip-hop sounds and feels like.

The production on this album is incredibly solid with the kind of samples that’ll make you go “oh wait, you can flip this to make it sound like that?” It has that nice feel of mid to late 90’s hip-hop where it felt like every song had the potential to
be the last song you ever heard, but the truth was that these songs became “the truth” and tracks like “Never Take Me Out”, “Dead In The Middle”, “Caveman”, and “Dumb High” stand out as potential classics-to-be. Lyrically, all egos on this album are flying high, and with assistance from RA The Rugged Man, Panchi, Planetary and Ryu among many, they are having a great time shooting lines, verses, and punch lines. There will be lines that come off incredibly offensive, but these guys could care less.

The best guest verse on this, however, goes to Eternia in “Can’t Fool Me”, and as the song goes on its merry, laid back pace, she comes into the track and graces it with an incredible eight-line verse before moving away. As I heard this, I had wanted to hear another eight, or a full track from her. New album Eternia, please!

KILLmatic may very well be an updated, in title at least, to Illmatic and may be sonically based on the Nas album of the same name, but Apathy and Celph Titled are out for the kill and they are throwing machetes to those who feel they shouldn’t be making music this way. As the sample in “Tomax & Xamot” says, the science of the future is in their hands, and that’s a good thing.