SOME STUFFS: Columboid to release “Magi” at the end of November

Columboid has a new album mixed, miastered, and ready to go, in fact you can listen to it in full right now before its November 30th release date. Six brand new songs, with two either running close to or going beyond the 8-minute mark, so you know it has to be a trip and if you don’t know why, get your good pair of headphones, press play, and find out how their music works on you. The Brooklyn band are ready to unleash some goodness so if you like what you hear, consider pre-ordering the album. They say things are leaning on the Cabaret Voltaire/This Heat/Throbbing Gristle side of things so now that you have been prepared, get a knife and slice into the goodness of Magi.

SOME STUFF: Coil’s “Backwards” album to be released

 photo Coil_old_zpsegnnrnyn.jpg
After Coil released the Love’s Secret Domain album they went in to begin working on what would have been Backwards. As the story goes, the project began in 1992 but they added to it between 1993 and 1995. It was completed in 1996 and while it was ready to be released, it was held back. In the meantime, they released five albums, including 1999’s Musick To Play In The Dark. When Coil’s John Balance died in 2004, Peter Christopherson decided the group could no longer continue and that was that. However, many fans were waiting for a chance to hear an album discussed but never surfaced. Now it has, as the album will be released by Cold Spring on October 9th. Pre-orders for the vinyl and CD pressings can be done via Cold Spring right now.

REVIEW: The OF’s “Escape Goat”

The OF photo TheOF2015_cover_zpskwvowaxm.jpg The adventures of The OF have returned with a new album taht has them even more adventurous than they were before and if Escape Goat (Green Monkey) is an accurate description of where they are right now, they are going to remain tripping around anywhere and everywhere for the next few years. The mixed bag of styles and textures are a bit like Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa with Sun Ra and Hellcows, the latter a Portland, Oregon band that I loved who twisted things from any and all sources, turning their music into unpredictable things before you’re left wondering where you are and eventually not caring. What I love about the sound of the production is that it sounds like an independent album, it’s direct without elaborate echo or reverb, it sounds slightly raw but very polished at the same time. It comes off like the kind of party album you might find accidentally but upon listening, you do not want to return it from the place you stole it from. “Bottom Feeder” sounds like a more elaborate version of The Edgar Winter Group’s “Frankenstein”, complete with dual guitar/saxophone solos and its eleven minute duration doesn’t allow itself to slow down for anyone or anything. If you are to look at the cover, you might say “eight songs? Is that it?” With two 11 minute songs and one 13 minute song, “that’s it” is much more elaborate than you assume. Pat Nevin’s vocals and John Carey’s primary songwriting (Nevil co-wrote “Damn Dirty Hippy” with Carey) is slightly twisted upon first listen but let it soak in and it will be understood. Then when The OF get locked in instrumental mode, it’s about exploring different zones and wondering where they themselves will end out of. In other words, it’s the kind of uneasy rock that enjoys going on travels with you and themselves, and they’re not ready to be comfortable by staying in one spot. Escape Goat is that goat being spanked on a mountain on a road to who knows where, the fun part is to watch where it plans on ending up.

SOME STUFFS: The Moth Gatherer create teaser video for new release

The Moth Gatherer photo MothGatherer_old_zpsomykvlon.jpg
The earth is The Sky is the follow up to the debut album from Swedish experimental post-rock/metal band The Moth Gatherer, and they are more than ready to unleash it to you and your mind. The album will be released by Agonia Records and they’ve created a very brief teaser that isn’t enough to enjoy deeply but it will make you anticipate what is to come.

REVIEW: Zs’ “Xe”

Xs photo Zs_cover_zpsxt1y2kmx.jpg Zs are a Brooklyn based trio who come off as a group who like to throw in anything into the mix at any given time. There is a bit of spontaneity in what they do but there’s some sonic choreography so people can be sure they are on their mission to go through the music from star to finish. With the use of the saxophone, they may come off like the ghosts of Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, Smegma, or Hell Cows and while those comparisons are/can be impressive, they show something that opens them up to the possibility of everything, which is what they do on Ze. The guitar work may sound like random doodling in spots while it may find its way to a goal in other portions, but the thing is the listener isn’t sure where things bein, end, or came from somewhere else. Or at least that’s one way of describing what they do. There are times when the rhythms go well beyond the math rock quota but a few seconds later, they may get into experimental mode and it sounds like a sandpaper circle being played at 78rpm.

What I also found impressive is that if you don’t pay attention to when the songs change, you will not know when songs actually begin or end. I would love to see how these guys do it in a live setting for while the noisy parts is what I love, I also really like when there are general melodies, as they do in “Corps” complete with unique rhythms and a twisted sax solo. Hearing this made me want to be deliberately on the edge. We’re just wrapping up month two of 2015 but I have already found one of my favorite albums of the year.

REVIEW: Brighter Death Now’s “With Promises Of Death”

 photo BrighterDeathNow_cover_zpse4ee4509.jpg If you’re going to name your album With Promises Of Death, it better bring to mind the kind of thoughts the title is owed, correct? Brighter Death Now is an album Roger Karmanik has made 25 years into his career as someone who takes industrial music into a darker and disturbing level, enough to where what he does has a new genre name, “power electronics”. The album sounds like someone who just finds a certain distinct sound, turn it up to 11 but then raise it up 500 percent in order to make a point. The actual point doesn’t matter, for what you’re hearing is something that is simply beyond anything you may have heard, especially when it can get unexpectedly rhythmic. The music isn’t painful, what I also liked were songs that may sound like the most distorted part of finding a radio station, coming across something at may sound like a melody but you keep trying to get there but never being able to find clarity. What I also like are the parts of this album that do not sound like music, you just take it for what it is, leave it to your interpretation/imagination and go from there.

SOME STUFFS: New album by Pharmakos announced, new single shared

 photo Pharmakos_old_zpsec369c34.jpg
Pour le Corps Records will be releasing a new album by Pharmakos on April 15th, which means in four days you’ll hear and perhaps pick up Nude for your listening pleasure. Cole Garner Hill is the sole man behind Pharmakos, and Dallas is where he resides. The first single from it is called “Only Child”, which you may stream and listen to below.

He considers Nude to be a concept album, which he started writing and recording in January 2011 and there years later, you’ll be able to hear the completed project and find out how the hard work and effort paid off for him. Explore.

SOME STUFFS: Two Brooklyn labels to hold joint showcase at SXSW

 photo NorthernSpyShowcase_banner_zps3021be9f.jpg
With their goals set for this year’s SXSW, Northern Spy Records and the Ba Da Bing label decided to unite for the honor of Brooklyn and become one with a joint showcase, with Tiny Mix Tapes, NYC Tapes, and radio station WNYU hopping on as sponsors.

You’ll be able to check out the show on Friday, March 14th at the Palm Door (401 Sabine St., near E 5th St.), and it is an all ages show so the more, the merrier. Some of the bands scheduled to appear include:

  • DVA (whose new album Mulatu will be released on February 25th)
  • Cloud Becomes Your Hand (their new album Rocks Or Cakes will also be released on the 25th of this month)
  • Slothrust (February 18th is when they’ll release a new album Of Course You Do)
  • Cross Record

    Two other artists will also appear and they will be announced soon. There will also be giveaways for nice merch/swag from both labels.

  • SOME STUFFS: Costa Rican experimental rock comes in the form of Colornoise

     photo Colornoise_old_zps5f0c0e7f.jpg
    Sonya Carmona (Lead vocals, guitar) and Alison Alvarado (Drums, vocals) call themselves not only an experimental noise rock duo, but their moniker as a duo is called Colornoise. Polychronic is their latest album (their second), and if you ever wanted to hear how the rock it out in Costa Rica, this is one variable. You may not have heard of them, but Alvarado and Carmona plan on doing extensive touring throughout 2014, so get familiar with them and their sound.

    RECORD CRACK: Clay Rendering single now available on vinyl

    In May, Mike and Tara Connelly, who work under the name Clay Rendering, released a 2-song digital single through Hospital Productions, and now it is making its vinyl debut. The 12″ single will have a song (“Natures Confusion” and “Vengeance Candle”) on each side of the record, going at 45rpm for optimum audio quality. To get a full feel of what they’re about, check out the equally eerie video. I’m hopeful more music will be on the way from these two very soon. The record can be ordered from the Gods Of Tundra online store.