SOME STUFFS: Shellshag race the race so they can meet “Face To Face”

Shellshag photo Shellshag_old_zpsa1c6eb64.jpg
Forget the fact that the drums are slightly off tempo, for Shellshag are probably more on than you’ll ever be. They may be this generation’s Dead Moon, and if you don’t know who they are, that’s your fault. Now get to know Shellshag, whose Shellshag Forever album comes out on Don Giovanni Records on April 16th with the kind of unabashed ruthlessness that comes from playing and performing sweaty garage rock, the punk goodness that’ll make you want to beat up your parents.

Jen Shag and John Shell will be doing some shows in coming weeks, and you may put your bottom dollar or whatever that phrase is to see them. They will be performing with a string of fine musicians, so check them if you can.

March 1… Brooklyn, NY – Lulu’s !
March 11… Brooklyn, NY – Archeon $
March 21… Brooklyn, NY – Silent Barn &
April 13… Brooklyn, NY – Union Pool *
June 19… Greensboro, NC – TBA
June 20… Asheville, NC – TBA
June 21-23… Chattanooga, TN – Do Ya Hear We Fest

! = w/ Crowbait
$ = w/ Pity Party
& = w/ Extra Feeler
* = w/ RVIVR