FREE DL: Extreme Volume Pop’s “Jazz Cocoon”
Here’s the story that goes with this release:

Last night, was eating a cousin’s “pie.” (Sex) Offered to go back in the back room and get another pan of her pie. (Sex) Was told by my Aunt that this was tantamount to going and bringing in her old lady bloomers for all to see. (Sex) Pie was in a tin pan, partly eaten, crusty. (Sex)

Later, we went on a trip to the supermarket (of sex?). Surrounding the parking lot was a vast, oddly-shaped swimming pool, or series of them (baptism, rebirth). It looked as if it were going to rain (ancient Babylonians thought that rain was the semen of the god Baal).
Somewhere along the line, a quite dapper Twenties lothario in a gambling casino (ala’ Dr. Mabuse), suggests that the poker game consists of “tender hands on the outside, something something (I can’t quite remember), on the inside.” He throws back his head, lifts his own white gloved hands, laughs his tight, angular-jawed laugh.
And somehow this is all related to sex.

What does it mean? Does “it” refer to sex just as Mike Patton said what was “it” in Faith No More’s “Epic”? I can’t begin to tell you, but Jazz Cocoon is a melange of something, which may involve it or just a little (b)it. Allow it to zest you up.

FREE MP3 DL: Extreme Volume Pop’s “Never Was, Never Is, Never Shall Be”

 photo ExtremeVolumePop_cover_zps76717f9e.jpg
Unreleased until two years after the fact, Never Was, Never Is, Never Shall Be is a 5-track mega-burst of noise/harsh-noise, which means you’ll want to turn this down very much before pressing play. The album includes a massive 25-minute clusterfuck “Never Is”, which is sure to throw you out of your house or apartment immediately. The entire album is available as a free download.

SOME STUFFS: Blaring Indiana noise from Extreme Volume Pop

 photo ExtremeVPop_cover_zps2aa05ce8.jpg
You may not be able to find any pleasant sounds on this new 4-track album, but then again this isn’t about pleasantries. Extreme Volume Pop is an experimental/avant-garde project from Indiana who released Come On Get Happy at the beginning of the week (i.e. late December 2013), so for those who are into unfolding the ugliness of harsh noise wall/HNW, this will be perfect to blast in your car or in your apartment. He has created a wide range of projects in the last few years, which you may glance over by heading to the Extreme Volume Pop Bandcamp page.