REVIEW: Factor’s “Woke Up Alone”

 photo Factor_cover_zps51789e39.jpg Personally, I never liked the term “alternative hip-hop”. Things at one time were just good and bad, then it became hardcore vs. everything else, and that “everything else” was considered weak. Then it became gangsta vs. everything else, and with that came East Coast vs. West Coast. While I respect originality in hip-hop, the genre classification seemed more about separation than making music for a common cause, or it became a matter of “my means is better than more”. These days, if you’re not a mainstream artist, you’re not a part of the spectrum, which means you’re going to be ignored and forever a niche, which I find to be bullshit. That may not be why Factor called his album Woke Up Alone (Fake Four Inc.), but with the cover image of a doll lying on a bed next to a coffin, one could say that it not only represents our fears of dying alone and rolling into a convenient grave, but what hip-hop has become in the last 15 years.

Parts of Woke Up Alone sounds very mainstream and could easily pass off as something that a group like Linkin Park would end up doing. Then you have a track featuring vocalist Jean Boots called “Carry Over” and it may sound like something you’d find on a Handsome Boy Modeling School or Lovage album, where you know it doesn’t belong but you figure “it’s music, why shouldn’t it belong?” “Give Up” has a well known break beat sped up and made more intense with the rap flows that seem as if it’s about to roll off the tracks, but never does. The bpm is faster than the norm, and while you almost expect for it to be smoothed out on the Teddy Riley R&B Big Daddy Kane tip, it is actually… funkier? Yes, it is funkier than the known/norm, and that’s good.

Woke Up Alone sounds like those varied hip-hop albums from the early to mid-90’s, when artists will willing to throw everything in the bag to see what came up, from weird and not-typical samples to ways of rhyming that may not be traditional, to the topics that were not about being on and on til the like break of dawn, or busting caps in asses. As the song goes, you could get with this or you could get with that, and while getting with this is beneficial, sometimes you want to turn the other way to see what you come up with, and that’s what Factor has done. He relied on the trusted formulas, but then added his own two cents until he realized he had a coin jar to throw on the table.

SOME STUFFS: Sole ready to release first album in seven years

Considering how much music he releases, the touring he does, and his efforts within the Occupy movement, it might be hard to believe that Sole is about to release his first solo album in seven years. Solo album means “solo proper”, which means a collection of music released under the name “Sole”. The album is called A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing, and as he prepares to have it ready by October, the album is also part of a Kickstarter project, which you can check out by clicking here.

As always, there is a political side in his lyrics that is reflective of what he’s doing in his life, and that mixes up with the social side of things, which of course blends in with how he expresses himself in a hip-hop context. It is and can be more than hip-hop, which is perhaps what Sole has always been about throughout his life and career, but it’s a matter of truly listening and see how that reflects on your life, which of course is much more than the musical circle we sometimes get caught up in. It’s a much bigger world, and Sole is someone who isn’t afraid to cut into existing wounds in the hopes more people will be able to clean up the bacteria that should cease to exist. If he is the only one out there, that’s the reason why he’s Sole, a warrior willing to battle with action and sound.

VIDEO: Paranoid Castle’s “Feeling Inside”

After watching this video, I believe I will turn into the funky Chinese man seen during the intro. This is okay with me, so let me embrace it.

I do so by “Feeling Inside”, the new video by Paranoid Castle, a duo consisting of Kirby Dominant & Factor, and how do they feel it on the inside? Find out. I like this song and video a lot. Get funky like the Chinese man.