AUDIO: Fettuccine P featuring Geno Mondana & Beno’s “Numbers”

Fettuccine P photo FettuccineP_old_zps22frh0jw.jpg
He’s going ape shit but not just yet. Fettuccine P will be when he releases his forthcoming album called Ape Shyt and for a hit of what he’s about, he did a song with Beno and Geno Mondana that was produced by Young Forever, have a listen to “Numbers” and find out how mathematical they can be.

AUDIO: Fettuccine P featuring Dave East “Lights”

When the “Lights” go down in the city, you better take cover. That is what Fettuccine P wants you to do and to make himself even clearer, Dave East assists in making their message valid. Producer Enjo went into the Nice & Smooth vaults and updated this gem, if you know the original, then good. This will be on Fettuccine’s forthcoming album, due out soon.

VIDEO: Fettuccine P’s “Package Rolling”

Fettuccine P photo FettuccineP_old_zpspzkwbf9y.jpg
In the early 90’s, a lady named Nikki D was considered one of the first ladies of Def Jam Records and had hits like “Letting Off Steam” and the popular “Daddy’s Little Girl”. 25 years later, we now have a rapper whom Nikki herself can call “momma’s little boy” but he’s now a man. Nikki D.’s son goes by the name of Fettuccine P and he did a video with director Staxx Paysos for the song “Package Rolling” and when you see it rolling, you know what he’s talking about.