SOME STUFFS: Shmu begins 2014 with tour in support of new EP

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Shmu is one half of the duo known as Zorch, and after making it on my list of Best Albums Of 2013… okay, maybe this isn’t the reason, but it’s a way for you (the reader) to hop on over to my Best Albums Of 2013 list, and since we made it this far without talking about why this post exists, let’s start again.

Shmu, the man you see in the above photo, will be releasing an EP in two weeks on Grand Theft Zamboni Records called Chroma Key and to get people into what he’s creating, he will be going on tour. Here are the dates:

January 3, 2014… Austin, TX (Scoot Inn) (Austin Free Week EP sampler release party)
January 8, 2014… Austin, TX (Empire)
January 11, 2014… Austin, TX (Spiderhouse Ballroom) ʄ
January 15, 2014… Denton, TX (Mac Island)
January 16, 2014… Ft Worth, TX (Grotto’s)
January 17, 2014… Dallas, TX (Club Dada)
January 18, 2014… Oklahoma City, OK (Blue Note)
January 19, 2014… Shreveport, LA (Fatty’s)
January 20, 2014… Texarkana, AR (Silver Dollar)
January 21, 2014… Hattiesburg, MS (Thirsty Hippo) *
January 22, 2014… Baton Rouge, LA (Mud + Water) * #
January 23, 2014… New Orleans, LA (Gasa Gasa) #
January 24, 2014… Lafayette, LA (Artmosphere) * #
January 25, 2014… Houston, TX (House of Creeps) *
January 26, 2014… San Antonio, TX (VHS 1138)

ʄ = w/ Feuding Fathers, Boyfrndz
* = w/ Caddywhompus
# = w/ Imaginelam

Chroma Key is said to be the first of a series of EP’s to be released in 2014, which will lead to all of it being compiled for a double album (!!) by the end of the year. There will no doubt be more concert dates throughout the year, so be prepared for Shmu-ness.

REVIEW: Feuding Fathers’ “Kid Tested Father Approved”

 photo FeudingFathers_cover_zps4d45eafd.jpg Feuding Fathers’ style of rock is also drenched in that deep ethereal vocals where it seems it bathed itself in echo and is satisfied like the lady on the Clairol Herbal Essence lady. What is going on in their music is anything but latent and ordinary, as shown on their 5-song Kid Tested Father Approved EP. These guys seem to enjoy cramming a lot of different elements in small clusters, and then they proceed to see what develops. What I hear is someone that is more than willing to play with a lot of intensity but also allowing the sensibilities to settle and get into the consciousness of the listener. I think of a band like The Mars Volva in terms of playing with a lot of fervency and just leaving the scene as if it didn’t, only for them to take that approach again and again. “Pre Med” is an example of this where the guitar work sounds incredibly complex (to my ears at least) while the bass and drums are maniacal but on track. The guitar work may be loosely described as “itchy ass music”, and along with everything else is driven into the heart with punk rock ferver, and I think those who turn this EP into a personal favorite will not want this music to stop. 18 minutes is not enough.

SOME STUFFS: Feuding Fathers have debut album ready

 photo FeudingFathers_cover_zps3731c625.jpg
The album, Kid Tested, Father Approved (self-released) is the title Feuding Fathers have selected for their next album, to be released on August 13th. The duo from Austin, Texas have shared a track from the album, and it is called “Brass Knucks”. You’ll want to fight while listening to this (or not, your choice).

Drummer Mason Macias and vocalist/guitarist Dustin Coffman are the men behind the group, and along with a new album, the group will celebrate their second anniversary together. Will they be celebrating it with their July 10th show? Not sure, but they do have two scheduled shows this summer, including the July 10th show at the Holy Mountain in Austin, Texas. Go check ’em.

July 10… Austin, TX (Holy Mountain)
August 17… Austin, TX (TBA) (album release party)