SOME STUFFS: North American tour dates for Saul Conrad

SaulConrad_old_zps33ec4365 photo SaulConrad_old_zps33ec4365.jpg
Saul Conrad’s Poison Packets EP impressed me (I said so in my review, which you may read by clicking here, and now he will be taking those songs, and others in his songbook (or bag) and carrying them in his travels throughout North American starting mid-February, with a number of touring mates along the way. Catch him if you can:
February 14… Boston, MA (The Lily Pad) */**/***
February 15… Pittsfield, MA (Marketplace Cafe) *
February 16… New York, NY (National Underground)
February 17… Wilmington, DE (Mojo 13) +
February 18… Baltimore, MD (Bohemian Coffee House) *
February 20… Pittsburgh, PA (Inn Termission Lounge) ++
February 21… Cleveland, OH (Wilberts) +++
February 22… Columbus, OH (Cafe Kerouac) @
February 23… Canton, OH (Buzzbin Magazine & Art Shop)
February 26… Bloomington, IN (Bears Place) @@
February 28… Louisville, KY (Zazoo’s) @@@
March 1… Chicago, IL (The Elbo Room)

* w/ Katie Schecter
** w/ The Lowbred Watts
*** w/ Mike Greenstein
+ w/ McAdoo & Rosu Lup
++ w/ Chris Harrington & Blue Baxter
+++ w/ Kelly Zullo & Charlie Mosbrook
@ w/ Elijah Aaron, John Swanson & Faraway Strays
@@ w/ Nick Sexton
@@@ w/ Field of Kings and Nick Peay