AUDIO: Finale featuring Kenn Starr & Hassaan Mackey’s “7 Days (Saukrates Remix)”

Check this out here, although the subject line may be good enough for you: Finale. Got it? Okay. Now, the song itself is a remix, this one done by Saukrates. I know, you’re ready to press play and you may already have pressed it by now but wait a minute: the song also features Hassaan Mackey. You want more? Kenn Starr. Did your head burst yet? If not, you may press play now.

(feat. Kenn Starr & Hassaan Mackey) [SAUKRATES REMIX]

FREE DL: Finale’s “Bits & Pieces (The House Shoes Mixtape)”
Bits & Pieces is a new street album by Finale but is it his finale? Nah. What this mix tape is is a project done by House Shoes and best of all: it’s free in the format of choice. Stream it or download it now and again, freebits.

AUDIO: Finale featuring Homeboy Sandman & Miz Korona’s “Just Due”

Finale is not the end, in fact you can say he is just starting. He is starting up again with help from Miz Korona, Homeboy Sandman and producer Oddisee for a song they call “Just Due” and is it due to listen to it? Well, now is the right time for you. The song will be out on Finale’s forthcoming Mello Music Group album, Odds & Ends, hitting merchants on August 14th.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Apollo Brown & Finale’s “Protocol”

Another track from Mello Music Group‘s Self Sacrifice compilation has been made available as a free download, and this one brings together Apollo Brown and Finale. Have at it, or at least take a listen. (If the player is not showing up below, you can also click here.)