AUDIO: Five Steez featuring Sosa & Nomad Carlos’ “Gods Collide”

Five Steez photo FiveSteez_old2_zpswlvxlijo.jpg
Produced by Mordecai is a new one by Five Steez called “Gods Collide”. This one also features Nomad Carlos and Sosa and together they create heat hotter than most areas of the northern hemisphere right now. The song is from Five Steez’s HeatRockz EP, find this immediately.

SOME STUFFS: Five Steez wants to get you with “These Kingston Times”
Five Steez has a brand new EP that lets you know how it is in modern day Jamaica, and while he could’ve recorded a full length album, he wants to get the music out to you and keep you wanting more in 2015. Check out These Kingston Times, which features productions from Symbo Science, Most Phear, OneMan Beats, The Patents, DJ Crooks, Truck Julius, Bravo, and Phil Chronics.

FREE DL: Five Steez’s “Welcome”
From his forthcoming EP These Kingston Times, Five Steez has released a new song for all to hear and download, so have yourself to “Welcome”, produced by OneMan Beats. The song is an ode to Kingston, Jamaica, his home turf.

FREE DL: Five Steez’s “Deadly”
If you know who Five Steez is, then you very well know his steez. What you may not know is that he has a new song. You an download it for free in the form of the DJ Crooks-produced “Deadly”. This will be a part of Five Steez’s forthcoming EP, These Kingston Times, so have a slice and get ready for what’s to come.

VIDEO: Five Steez’s “Slaving On The Plantation”

I’m not any different from you or anyone else but when I hear good hip-hop, or even damn good hip-hop, I want that to be known. I’ve shined the spotlight on Kingston, Jamaica’s Five Steez a small handful of times here on my site, and now the man has a video to call his own. It’s called “Slaving On The Plantation”, and if you haven’t heard what Jamaica has to offer in terms of the boom bap, prepare for the Five Steez experience.

FREE DL: Five Steez’s “War For Peace (The Remix EP)”

Five Steez photo FiveSteezWFP_cover_zpsf683ecf1.jpg
After releasing his debut album, War for Peace, this past August, Five Steez is back with a new treatment of the old. War For Peace (The Remix EP) takes six songs from the album, gives them to different producers and remixers, and this is the end result. The EP came about after the release of the album and Five Steez received one remix from Zitro. One thing lead a request for request submissions, and he received a number of them. Remixes here come from Theory, The Quarter Inch Kings, Inztinkz, DavidEnco, DJ MTM, and the aforementioned Zitro. Stream and listen, then opt to download it for free. To listen to the original album in full, you may click here.

VIDEO: Five Steez featuring Nomad Carlos’ “Wanna Be Free”

Five Steez – Wanna Be Free f/ Nomad Carlos (Official Music Video) from Five Steez on Vimeo.

The song may have been released last year, but the power of good music will never hold back ones motivation to create videos, as Five Steez has done with “Wanna Be Free”. The song, from his debut album War For Peace, also features Nomad Carlos, and it’s a nice dose that is worthy of watching and listening to.