FREE MP3 DL: Flosstradamus’ “Wake & Bake” (EP)

It’s two days after 4/20 but for some of you, 4/20 may be an every day thing. If it is, this could be your soundtrack, the latest EP by Flosstradamus called Wake & Bake, a side ode to the Shake & Bake food product but this type of baking has nothing to do with food. One of the cuts features Travis Porter, so in order to hear this 4-song delight, you can stream it above or download it for free by heading to

VIDEO: Flosstradamus featuring Casino’s “Mosh Pit”

“…a bunch of hoodiegirls and hoodieboyz”

What the hell are hoodiegirls and hoodieboyz? I’m not that old, but is this code for people who wear hooded jackets? Hoodiegirls? What kind of term is that? If anything, this hip-hop track by Flosstradamus validates the warning that punks used to say about the pit, when it turned from slam dancing, a type of dance that has ruthless ethics and rules, into moshing, when the metal kids embraced it and it turned into more of a fashion statement and status than the act of letting loose. Is this what Flosstradamus thought of when he did this video? I don’t know, but if the song does lead to people letting loose their inhibitions, what can I say? Casino takes part in the song and video and you got yourself something that’ll warm you up in this very cold winter we’re going through.

The press release ended with the statement “Also take a look at the duo speak to the evolution of their fashion with THUMP” and I said “no”.

AUDIO: Flosstradamus & Yellow Claw featuring Green Velvet’s “Pillz” (preview)

 photo FlosstradamusP_cover_zps5ddf9083.jpg
…and I mean, what else have you got to lose but your Flosstradamus, right? Also check this: Flosstradamus is now an Ultra Music artist. Yes sir. YES SIR! He has a new EP coming out very soon, along with a track on a Fool’s Gold comp, which you can have a slice of below. The song, featuring vocalist Green Velvet, is called “Pillz”. Yes, this has Floss teaming up with Yellow Claw. Yes. YES SIR!

VIDEO: Flosstradamus featuring DJ Sliink’s “Crowd CTRL”

For those of you with urethras, this may lead to a few blisters in your nether regions. I speak of the song “Crowd CTRL” by Flosstradamus, which contains DJ Sliink doing what DJ Sliink normally does in times of:

1) conflict
2) frustration
3) fun

If you have chosen 3, you are the winner.

VIDEO: A-Trak featuring Juicy J, Jim Jones, Flatbush Zombies, El-P & Flosstradamus’ “Piss Test (Remix)”

If there’s one word I had to use to describe the video for “Piss Test (Remix)”, it would be noodles. Pure noodles. That’s what A-Trak did when he brought together all of these rappers and MC’s to pull off a track that reeks of beer and crotch. It’s perfect for the club, it’s a pussy rhyme, and you’re sure to have a good time after hearing this one. As for El-P… oh man.

There’s a few cameos in this one, including one from a guy who used to insure that he would never wear the same underwear or socks twice. Get to that.

SOME STUFFS: Flosstradamus release new EP today

Flosstradamus are going to do what it takes to be heard and known, and if you’re fan, you may have already purchased this. If not, Jubilation 2.0 (Fool’s Good) is their brand new EP that was released today, and this is a taste of its abdomen. Listen and lick.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Flosstradamus vs. Ludacris & Shawnna’s “Hood Fantasy”

This is a Flosstradamus remix of a well known Ludacris & Shawnna song, the song that fucked up everyone in thinking it’s okay to turn on the radio and year songs about sucking toes. Yeah, point the finger on this track, and then finger yourself to this not new remix. Can you taste its asscrack? CAN YOU?

REVIEW: Flosstradamus’ “Total Recall” (EP)

Photobucket The cover for this suggests that it is possible to be a robot and get moist with a human, to create humanoids for the next generation. Is this possible, and how would it feel? This is what Flosstradamus are hoping to find out as a means of support and encouragement by creating the soundtrack for electro love babies with their new EP, Total Recall (Jefferys/Mad Decent). As the vocal sample says in “UR Life”, “gimme your life”, and that seems to be the unspoken dialogue between human and sound. It’s a request and demand for all music fans, to want to be able to feel this existence we call life, and sometimes when bullshit is thrown our way, we want to feel it with music. “MOTA” is high voltage techno taken to a completely different place, maybe one that doesn’t even exist, while the title track is a way to find out about the charm between our DNA and the components of the next generation of humans who will find their own ways into this hellish existence.

In other words, if music is meant to be a validation of life through sound, than Flosstradamus represent the now, the future, and all that will ever be, at least into it chooses to no longer exist. Now let’s seduce each other with the depths of our electrons.