AUDIO: John Lennon vs. Van Halen’s “Imagine A Jump (Mighty Mike mash-up)”

I’ll admit: I get a fair share of music, a mixture of what I enjoy listening to on a regular basic, along with music that artists and publicists would like for me to listen to, and at times it is overwhelming. Then there’s the music I end up not knowing about or simply missing, I can’t be hounding the interwebs 24 hours a day. Fortunately, I’ll get some tips, and this one was sent to me by David Kelly, a/k/a Rheomatic.

It seems simple right, nothing more than a mash-up of a John Lennon song from 1971 and a Van Halen song recorded in 1983, released in 1984 on the album 1984. In this case it’s a funny mix, and yet it works quite beautifully. Odd? Eerie? Come up with whatever word or phrase for it but… it’s cool. This mix was done by someone named Mighty Mike, and while some of you may say “I heard this last spring”, then all I can say is the next time you find something you think I might think is cool, pass a link to me. Or a year or two later, doesn’t matter. I share this with you.