RECORD CRACK: Foals ready to release new single for Record Store Day

Foals photo Foals_old_zpsyrpxmjw4.jpg
There was a list posted today of some of the highlights you will be able to find at this year’s Record Store Day, including the one I have featured here, a new single by Foals called Rain/Daffodils. The interesting thing is that the record will have three songs, a non-LP track that they had done when they were making their What Went Down album. However, they’re calling the side with two songs a “double A-side” and traditionally, that would be wrong. But hey, let them be mistaken. Don’t be mistaken by missing this record when it is released on April 16th.

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VIDEO: Foals’ “Mountain At My Gates”

Foals photo Foals_old_zpsndeqfaxz.jpg
The fools in Foals? Well first off, they are not fools, let’s get that straight, they are Foals, got it? YOU GOT IT?!!?

Okay, these friends in Foals have a feast ready to drop on August 28th called What Went Down and something will be doing down next month. You’ll be able to hear of the downage with a one-song preview from the album, it’s called “Mountain At My Gates” so please call them mates, not fools. Don’t underestimate their power.