AUDIO: Butch Bastard’s “Waiting For A Hot Pocket”

 photo ButchBastard_old_zpsjphkpfhx.png
Ian Murray calls himself Butch Bastard and that’s not an insult. What’s also not an insult is you taking time to listen to his new song that has to do with something that is a delicious dish for some. He wants you to know what it means to be “Waiting For A Hot Pocket”, a story that will be on his forthcoming album that he primarily did himself, with minimal help from good friends. Maybe you can become a good friend of him too after hearing this.

VIDEO: Luka’s “Pauses Of The Night (Live)”

Luka photo Luka_old_zpsto66b8av.jpg
Summon Up A Monkey King is the forthcoming album from Toronto singer/songeriter Luka, to be released by Yellow K (no relation to Olympia, Washington’s K Records) on the 24th of June. The press releases states his music “blends Jonathan Richman’s vocal delivery, Mac DeMarco’s non-chalant, carefree riffs (especially the guitars on “You Can Tell Me Everything”), Nick Drake’s soothing, breathy, lullaby vocals, a bit of the jaunty charm of Harry Nilsson and Love Is Overtaking Me-era Arthur Russell, and some subtle wit a-la Elliot Smith.“, which sounds like a lot of hype but how much of it is close-to-true? Find out for yourself with a a performance video for “Pauses Of The Night”.

SOME STUFFS: Stranded Horse share song from album due at end of month

Stranded Horse photo StrandedHorse_old_zpshkls6ptd.jpg
Three piece rock combo Stranded Horse are preparing for the duties that comes with a new album and in their case, they’re gearing up for the release of Luxe (Talitres) on January 29th. The song they’ve passed on to you is called “Monde”, so press play and eagerly await the full meal deal to come in three weeks.

VIDEO: Monogold’s “Pink Lemonade”

Lemonade may very well be a cool, refreshing drink but what if that lemonade is pink? What does it mean? Monogold may not have direct answers but indirectly they can tell you a few things about that means of liquid refreshment, as they do (or don’t do) in the video for the song directed by Mike Mueller and Sara Kinney. As you will see, what may begin as an acoustic ditty around a fireplace may turn into something unexpected. As for where the fireplace is in the video, who cares, this is the end of the description.

AUDIO: LeRiche’s “Rain”

Quiet Steady is an EP to be released next summer from Canadian artist LeRiche, whose music shows a respect of pop while understanding what it means to be a songwriter. If you don’t believe me, listen to “Rain”, the kind of song I think we would love to hear on a regular basis regardless of the weather. LeRiche is backed by a string quartet, and that alone is enough to turn this into a hit, or at least it should be. Make it happen.

AUDIO: Matt Bauer’s “I Am Trying To Disappear”

Matt Bauer photo MattBauer_old_zpszqc2ucux.jpg
Dream’s End (Crossbill) is a new album by Matt Bauer about to be released this Friday. His music is about someone who is unsure of himself but deals with the reality of himself, the world, and how everyone and everything interacts with one another, or something along those lines. It’s thinking person’s music, and to think about the situations he has created, listen to “I Am Trying To Disappear” and find out how he will not be going away in the immediate future.

In fact, his immediate future involves a small handful of shows coming up, head there to show support:
November 10… Tucson, AZ (house show)
November 18… Sacramento, CA (house show)
November 21… Nevada City, CA (The National)
November 22… Sonoma, CA (house show)
December 15… Live on WFMU with Irene Trudel
December 19… Brooklyn, NY (Pete’s Candy Store (Record Release Show))

SOME STUFFS: Audio Fidelity to release remasters for Alice Cooper & Judy Collins

Audio Fidelity: Alice Cooper/Judy Collins photo AF-AliceJudy_covers_zpsjn6yoly8.jpg
Audio Fidelity are wrapping up 2015 in a major way after releasing a number of quality discs throughout the year. These two hybrid SACD’s will be out on December 11th, just in time for the holiday season and they couldn’t be any more different from one another but then again, there are a few similarities.

First off: they are for Alice Cooper’s great 1973 album Muscle Of Love and Judy Collins’ 1972 album Colors Of The Day. A part of the SACD will feature each album newly remastered and for you quadraphonic heads, the quad mixes are being remastered as well for the first time. To make things more interesting, the packaging of the Cooper SACD even simulates the oily/greasy box of the original album cover. However, it is not a 100% reconstruction of the cardboard box cover, just the imagery printed on the sleeve but it’s a nice idea nonetheless.

Colors Of The Day was a compilation album and featured all of the hits she had up until that point, including her biggest hit, “Both Sides Now”. This may be the best way you’ve ever heard these songs, so pick it up, pick both of them up, or get them as gifts. It’s a must.

Both remasters can be pre-ordered below from by clicking the covers below.

VIDEO: Los Colognes’ “Baby, You Can’t Have Both”

Los Colognes are a band out of Nashville who released an album last month called Dos (Theory 8), appropriately named because it is their second effort. The band produced it themselves and they’ve made a nice clip for the song called “Baby, You Can’t Have Both”. Feel free to learn it, then sing it along to all of your friends.

AUDIO: Luxxe’s “Entomologist”

Luxxe photo Luxxe_old_zpsuhojt5wi.jpg
Phoenix band Luxxe released a new EP last month called One, which they produced themselves, and they’d like for you to get to know them a bit better. They play a nice blend of pop and folk and do things quite well. Have a listen to “Entomologist” and find out what makes them tick. I think they are hoping you will be the one to tick as well with their sounds.

VIDEO: Ethan Tucker featuring Michael Franti “Crazy Tonight”

Michael Franti finds himself on a beach helping out singer Ethan Tucker in a song that has a nice acoustic/folk touch with a slight hip-hop passion that may not be obvious to some. However, if you are aware of Franti’s history, you know how the musical blends can gel well, and Tucker is doing his thing in a way that could gear him up for a long career. Check out “Crazy Tonight” and find out if you too can get crazy tonight.