REVIEW: Yves Lambert Trio’s “Laissez courir les chiens”

Yves Lambert Trio photo YvesLambert_cover_zps86hfkwpo.jpg I’ll be honest: upon listening to Laissez courir les chiens (La Prûche Libre) by Yves Lambert Trio, I understood the wonderfuk folk music but I wasn’t sure what language I was listening to but I learned they are a French Canadian folk group who do this for the love of the music, French culture, Canadian culture, and staying true to the strength of roots and community. I’m unable to hear the music and know what they’re singing about but the press release states they are politically minded and their songs offer a sense of history that helps to bring people to the past in order to get into the future. I would love to know what they’re singing about but the passion heard is evident in any language.

VIDEO: Benjamin’s Brother’s “Story About A Broken Heart”

Ever saw a music video and wanted to know the credits for it? Here are the credits for “Story About A Broken Heart”, the new one for Benjamin’s Brother:

A BlackBoard Studios production
Yana Goor, Henry David
DOP- Eyal Bau Cohen
Gaffer- Ftian Ibrahim
Set Decorator- Avshalom Smolarchik
Make-up- Galit Shnaidman
Wardrobe – Hamoutal Ziulkowski
1st AC- Guy Shapira
Best Boy- Nadav Sharon
Grip- Tom Harari

Animation – BlackBoard Studios
VFX and Color grading – Noam Sharon

Directed by
Too Short For Modeling
(Noam Sharon & Tal Rosenthal)

Written & composed by – Benjamin’s Brother
Produced by – Gil Lewis
Vocals – Benjamin’s Brother
Vocals – Sivan Hadass
Arrangements – Benjamin’s Brother & Yoav Gilad

Recorded and mixed by – Gil Lewis
Recorded at – Offtape studio, London
℗ © 2015 Benjamin’s Brother. The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Benjamin’s brother.
All rights of manufacturer and of the owner of the works produced reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of the recorded work prohibited

Crazy, right? Now you can watch and listen to what I just showed you the credits for, which is not crazy at all. You’ll be able to find this on the Like The First Time album.

COVERED: Simon & Garfunkel vs. Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

By the time Columbia Records released Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits in 1972, the duo were already apart, with Simon already releasing music under his own name that would become part of his string of hits.
Simon & Garfunkel photo SimonGarfunkel_cover_zpsxcn16zos.jpg

This past weekend, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler returned to Saturday Night Live in support of their new film Sisters and for the album cover recreation, both of them went directly to that album that may pop up at many thrift stores but it’s because it was and remains very popular. I must say Poehler is still quite attractive in that Simon mustache.
COVERED: Tina Fey & Amy Poehler photo COVERED_FeyPoehler_zpsb5im7crn.jpg

VIDEO: Meg Baird’s “Don’t Weigh Down The Light”

“Don’t Weigh Down The Light” is the latest song by singer/songwriter Meg Baird. The song is from her third album of the same name and was directed by Naomi Yang. If you find it to be of interest, or you’ve been a fan of Baird’s music for a few years, she has a few shows in California this weekend to check out. Don’t Weigh Down the Light is available from by clicking the cover below.

December 12… Beachwood Canyon, CA (Besant Lodge) */#
December 14… San Francisco, CA (The Hemlock Tavern) #

* = w/ Emmett Kelly
# = w/ Johnny Young

VIDEO Cult Choir’s “Too Many Miles”

The Portland music scene has always been interesting, despite it not getting as much attention as Seattle has in the last 25 years. You might know of Everclear, you probably remember one or three songs by Quarterflash, and maybe you know of the two hits Nu Shooz has in the early 80’s. With luck, you’ll also know of Poison Idea, The Wipers, Spazztic Blurr, Wehrmacht, Sweaty Nipples, and Smegma but this is 2015, time to catch you up with someone who is new and he goes by the name of Cult Choir. He is not a part of the Choir family of Beaverton, in fact his name isn’t Choir at all. He is Shane Graybill and originally called Lancaster, Pennsylvania home. Now, when I saw Portland and Lancaster in the press release, I said to myself “wait a minute: Big Jim Willig is a singer now?” but no, different guy from Lancaster and definitely a different guy from Portland, but get to know Cult Choir, whose new album is called Lucy. Graybill plays almost everything you’ll hear on the recording and you can check out of his capabilities with “Too Many Miles”, which begins with an introduction with a familiar face.

REVIEW: Various Artists’ “Nail House Party”

Nail House Party photo NailHouseP_cover_zpssrc0hrb0.jpg Nail House Party is a very healthy 20 band compilation from the Emotional Response label and “very healthy” means with 20 bands to choose from, it’s very difficult to remain bored at any point during its listen. The comp goes everywhere from brutal psychedelic pop to rough rock without hitting hard rock to calm things that sound like an itchy anus ready to be dug. It sounds like a group of different guys in the same clubhouse, ready to please each other for the sake of making music and making sure the sonic pleasure is good enough to last throughout a weekend. Bands like Tangle Excitement!, Kids On A Crime Spree, The Debutantes, GRRR!, Rooibus Orbison, The Safe Distance, and Victorian Slang are just as uncertain as their names may be but it is safe you will find a number of bands to become your personal favorites. Collegiate rock? Nothing wrong with that. Crafty university pop? Sure. Does it matter where you go to school in order to make this music feel good? Not at all, for it’s just a party, either in the distance or right in the floor below you.

AUDIO: Alela Diane & Ryan Francesconi’s “The Sun Today”

Alela Diane and Ryan Francesconi have collaborated on a project that will be an album called Cold Moon (Believe Recordings/Rusted Blue), due out on October 16th. To get a feel for it, have a listen to “The Sun Today” today, tonight, or whatever it feels most comfortable for you. Diane and Francesconi represent a side of Portland’s music that you might not have known existed but if you’re into some of the things the city has offered in the last few years, get a chance to know these two and get familiar with them.

A day after the album’s release, they’ll have a release party/show in Portland at Revolution Hall before preparing themselves for a European tour the following month. Here are the dates:

October 17… Portland, OR (Revolution Hall)
November 10… Brighton, UK (Komeda)
November 11… London, UK (Bush Hall)
November 12… Canteleu, FR (Espace Francois Mitterand)
November 14… The Hague, NL (Crossing Borders Festival)
November 15… Brussels, BE (Botanique Orangerie)
November 17… Caen, FR (Big Band Cafe)
November 18… Bordeaux, FR (Rock School Barbey)
November 19… San Sebastien, ES (Intxaurrrundo)
November 20… Madrid, ES (El Sol)
November 21… Barcelona, ES (Festival Musique Sensibles)
November 23… Montpellier, FR (Theatre D’Aurillac)
November 24… Paris, FR (Bouffres Du Nord)

SOME STUFFS: The Unthanks are thankful for tour itinerary this summer

The Unthanks photo Unthanks_picSML_zpsb179e2ee.jpg
The Unthanks’ new album Mount The Air is out now and they will be releasing the third single from it on June 8th called “Died For Love”. They will be doing a lot of shows this summer throughout the UK and hitting the festival circuit. Prepare your season accordingly.

May 27… Festival Hay on Wye
June 27… Glastonbury Festival (Pyramid Stage, The Unthanks with Orchestra, conducted by Charles Hazlewood)
July 10… Earagail Arts Festival Ireland
July 11… Folk at the Hall Trelawnyd, N Wales
July 19… Folk by the Oak Hatfield, Herts.
July 24… Folkfest Killarney Kerry, Ireland
July 26… Deer Shed Festival Topcliffe, N Yorks
August 1… Cambridge Folk Festival
August 2… Port Eliot Festival
August 14… Stockholm Culture Festival
August 22… Home Gathering Newcastle
August 23… FolkEast Glemham, Suffolk
August 29… Solfest, Silloth, Lake District
August 30… Greenbelt, Kettering
September 5… End of the Road Dorset
September 6… Moseley Folk Festival West Mids
October 17… Homegrown Bury , Castle Armoury Drill Hall.
Decemeer 5… The Great British Folk Festival Skegness

SOME STUFFS: Carolinabound to release new EP tomorrow

Carolinabound photo Carolinabound_old_zpssewhozj9.jpg
Carolinabound is an artist who doesn’t use that name to say he is heading to Carolina, as Chris Smith is from there, specifically “the mountains of Western North Carolina” and has been making music since his teen years. Years later, he has enough confidence to make music in a nice way and tomorrow you’ll be able to hear an EP called Smoking Gun. He has a small handful of shows scheduled in the next few months but to find out what Carolinabound is about, have a listen to a performance of “Easy Train”, which is on the EP:
March 12… Brevard, NC (Oskar Blues Brewery)
April 9… Brevard, NC (Phoenix Lounge)
April 26… Black Mountain, NC (Straightaway Cafe)
June 11… Asheville, NC (French Broad Brewery)
June 12… Black Mountain, NC (Straightaway Cafe)

REVIEW: Lee Ranaldo And The Dust’s “Acoustic Dust”

Lee Ranaldo And The Dust photo LeeRanaldo_cover_zpses5v8vbb.jpg Now that Sonic Youth is officially over, we’re able to hear material from the other members, perhaps in a slightly different light. For Lee Ranaldo, perhaps it’s another way to hear his music and lyrics in a different way, away from the noise, the heaviness, and the occasionally ugliness although his music has always been very distinct from Thurston Moore’s and Kim Gordon’s. For Acoustic Dust (El Segell Del Primavera), the title basically tells the story, as the album has him playing acoustic guitars while being accompanied primarily by other acoustic instruments. It is his third album with The Dust, and if there’s something that makes these songs unique (if you want to call it that), it’s a distinct and simplified sound. One way to compare it is with the covers that are on here: Neil Young’s “Revolution Blues”, The Monkees’ “You Just May Be The One”, and Sandy Denny’s “Bushes And Briars”. You might expect to hear this at Farm Aid or the Bridge School Benefit, and perhaps jamming with Tom Petty or maybe choosing to do some ki ho’alu. Ranaldo sounds very comfortable in this mode but he has always done well with coverage a wide range of different textures, but it’s his stories that help pull you deeper into these songs and want to hear them over and over, or know that they will be there for you in the future when needed.