AUDIO: Nick Andrew’s “Good Cat Bad Cat”

Last year was the last time I featured Nick Andrew on my site with his EP called Catch & Release EP (my review of which can be read by clicking here but he has recorded a new song and I’d like to present it to you. It’s called “Good Cat Bad Cat” and while he is continuing his folktronic ways, this is eaisly classifiable as electronic pop with some nice chopping within the production, I am someone who loves it when a producer uses the human voice and all you hear are extreme excerpts of what they’re trying to say, or you only hear trail beginnings and/or endings of a word, or a distant inhale. It’s all here, and this is a hint of what he has planned to release for his next project.

RECORD CRACK: Abuela prepare for release of a single on Canvasclub

 photo Abuela_cover_zps7acd3510.jpg
This is what the press release tells me: Abuela is collaborative project between the ever-evolving sound & light production team of Evan ‘E. Vax’ Mast (Ratatat, Jay-Z) and the White Wizard (White Flight). With that out of the way, we move to the good stuff.

Abuela combine natural sounds and folk instruments with modern day production techniques to create the kind of music the two have been perfecting since 2012. They will release a 7″ on Canvasclub, “True Colors”” and “Honeybeez”. This will be released on February 4th, no word on a video for either track but you are able to check out a song you may already be familiar with and not know it, “Sapa”. It is currently in use in a mainstream television commercial so when you hear it again, you can now tell friends “that’s those Abuela dudes” as if you’ve been following them for years. Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t, but either way, be early on what these two are doing.

RECORD CRACK: New split 7″ single between Cass. & altars altars

 photo CassAltarsAltars_cover_zps5c45dc94.jpg
Cass. promised some new music on the way and not only do we get to hear it, but we can now buy it on vinyl. Not only that, but it’s a split 7″ between altars altars. The record is the first installment in a recording project within the AAMU Series. AAMU is not a label, but just a project about audio/sound/music exploration, or something close to it. On the record, Cass. offers “Puu Lovi” while altars altars delivers “1994”. Only 100 copies of this record being made, all on red vinyl.

For those who would like to have it digitally, you get two bonus tracks: altars altars’ “Komorebi” and Cass.’ “Moiré”. You may stream all four songs below via Bandcamp. Click the player and you can order a copy of the 7″.

SOME STUFFS: Greetings From Tuskan returns with first album in seven years

 photo GreetingsFTtlfa_cover_zps0df3fe9a.jpg
Considering what she has done in the last few years, one might find it hard to believe that Joëlle Lê has not done a Greetings From Tuskan project in seven years, but it’s true. Fortunately, Lê has made some time to get back into the Tuskan frame of mind to create a brand new album, the 12-song The Love From Afar (Circle Into Square), released last week. You may stream it in full below through Bandcamp, and the album is available as a free download with a “Name Your Price” option so if you find it quite good, make a donation.

REVIEW: Nick Andrew’s “Catch & Release EP”

 photo NickAndrew_cover_zps29dc9a86.jpg There are times when I feel people have taken advantage of the ease and convenience of electronic music, to the point where so-called DJ’s are making 40M+ just by standing on stage, touching a button, dancing around to something they didn’t create. Then there are those who utilize technology to make incredible music. Bellingham, Washington’s Nick Andrew is one of those people.

His Catch & Release EP brings together instrumentation and sampled sources to create something that’s not just someone pressing a few keys on a keyboard, laying a much-used beat over it and saying “this is my next hit single, dance to it.” There is musicality, and by saying that I mean there’s a lot of thought and time put into these songs. Each of the songs here are like musical books in that there beginnings, middle, and proper endings, but endings that you don’t want to fade out or segue into the next song. You want these tracks “to be continued” because they’re so good, and one could imagine him doing two to three hour sets on his music alone. One person on Soundcloud compared Anderw to Bibio, but one could also throw in a Metalheadz reference and say it’s Goldiesque, or maybe it’s The ORB or 808 State. Then again, one can hear hints of a wide range of different things from 8-bit riffs to synth oceans that titillate as it accents the hi-hats and snare at every snap, then moves elsewhere all within the same song. Then you realize you’re in another song with slide mood shifts. The most noticeable shift comes with the title track, with what sounds like an amplified and distorted guitar riff getting into something electronic based, then a male voice that may have been sampled from a hip-hop or dancehall track, all placed over a rhythm section that makes you want to tap or stroll in unison. It is then you feel that things sound as if they were influenced by electronic music from the 1970’s, or the 90’s, or now, or the future, to where you just don’t care where the sounds are coming from. It moves you because the songs are designed in a cinematic manner, or at least you can picture the songs as scenes and you listen so that you can see how it concludes. Then you don’t, you just want things to last as long as possible. It’s quite amazing. This may be Andrew’s debut release, but he sounds as if he has been making music for the last 10 to 20 years, if not longer. He is “seasoned”, and I can’t wait to hear how he’ll move along in the years ahead.

(The Catch & Release EP can be streamed in full below, and is being made available for free by clicking here {53.4mb}.)

SOME STUFFS: Loden unloads track from new album to come

 photo LodenSEC_cover_zps79468880.jpg
The Star-Eyed Condition is the forthcoming album from Loden that will be released on August 20th, and a vinyl pressing is being made, limited to only 500 copies. Loden has uploaded a track for you to listen to called “Future Confetti”, and it features Doseone. To order the record, click the Bandcamp player below, or head here if the player is not present.