VIDEO: True Neutral Crew’s “I Guess”

How crazy can True Neutral Crew get? This crazy. The video for “I Guess” may be minimal in its approach but it offers maximum pleasure, if you allow yourself to absorb that much from the visuals.

VIDEO: Foot Village’s “New Jersey”

Alec Sutherland directed this wonderful juicer from Foot Village, a track taken from their Make Memories album. Dance to it, rock to it, slam to it, or just it to it. Keep on juicing!

FREE DL: True Neutral’s “#MONSANTO” (EP)

 photo TrueNeutral_cover_zps58dce258.jpg
True Neutral is a group featuring Brian Kinsman of Foot Village on drums, Margot Padilla of I.E. fame on electronics and wizardry, and clipping.’s Daveed Diggs sharing vocal duties with Kinsman and Padilla. If you are familiar with any of the projects these three have done, then you might be wondering if this is a beautiful union or a heavenly means of chaos. It’s both, and they’re showing it off with a 3-song EP called #MONSANTO, which also contains a bonus remix of the title track. Could you call this “alternative hip-hop”? For some portions, sure. Could you call this indie electro pop? You could. Would you want to call this noisy pop bop? Whatever you want dude or dudette, whatever you want, but again, if you are at all familiar with clipping., I.E., and/or Foot Village, blend that up in a sauce and see how it sounds/tastes. #MONSANTO is the cause.

VIDEO: True Neutral Crew’s “#MONSANTO” (mixtape trailer)

As I’ve said a few times before, normally I have reservations of posting “trailers” for songs, albums, EP’s, or anything relating to music since to me, the proper music video is a trailer in itself. I take exception to this. True Natural Crew is a group featuring Margot Padilla, Daveed Diggs, and Brian Miller and while you may recognized their names from other projects (Padilla makes music as I.E., Diggs is with clipping., Miller is a part of Foot Village), this is a completely different beast altogether, and it’s a beast worth paying attention to. They’re about to release a street album called #MONSANTO, the name of which is an immediate attention grabber but there may be a reason for using this distinctive hashtag as a title. We will find this out perhaps when the album is released next month.

VIDEO: clipping. live at lot1 cafe, feb 22 2013

clipping. have recorded one of the best albums of the year, and now they’re about to go on tour with Foot Village next month. In order to prepare for what to expect, check out this 24 minute black & white live video taking you into the clipping. experience.

Need more? Check out clipping. as they take on the road experience. You’ll definitely want to be sure to see them on May 20th, as Black Pus will be part of the show’s line-up.

April 22… Los Angeles, CA (Pehrspace)
April 26… Los Angeles, CA (Sync Space) {Deathbomb Arc Showcase}
April 27… Los Angeles, CA (The Coop)
May 5… Denver, CO (Rhinoceropolis) *
May 6… Salt Lake City, UT (The Barn) *
May 7… Boise, ID (The Crux) *
May 8… Seattle, WA (Black Lodge) *
May 9… Vancouver, BC (Zhoo Zhop) *
May 10… Portland, OR (Red and Black Cafe) *
May 11… Oakland, CA (Lobot) *
May 20… Los Angeles, CA (The Smell) *@

* w/ Foot Village
@ w/ Black Pus

SOME STUFFS: Foot Village have got the whole road in their hands

Foot Village photo FootV_old_zpsffd61c91.jpg
In support of their Make Memories album on Northern Spy, the Foot Village quartet will be moving across the North America continent performing for fans, friends, and maybe frenemies who will change their minds and become hardcore fans. What will be of interest is the west coast shows in May, where they will be joined by the hip-hop group clipping. Coordinate yourself, and prepare for mayhem, especially on the May 20th show in Los Angeles, where Black Pus will be doing a set.

March 29… Palm Desert, CA (The Hood)
March 30… Los Angeles, CA (The Smell) *
April 11… Purchase, NY (SUNY Purchase)
April 12… Providence, RI (AS220)
April 13… Brooklyn, NY (Death By Audio)
April 14… Baltimore, MD (Floristree)
April 15… Brooklyn, NY (Silent Barn)
May 5… Denver, CO (Rhinoceropolis) *
May 6… Salt Lake City, UT (The Barn) *
May 7… Boise, ID (The Crux) *
May 8… Seattle, WA (Black Lodge) *
May 9… Vancouver, BC (Zhoo Zhop) *
May 10… Portland, OR (Red and Black Cafe) *
May 11… Oakland, CA (Lobot) *
May 20… Los Angeles, CA (The Smell) ^

* w/ clipping.
^ w/ Black Pus

VIDEO: Foot Village’s “This Song Is A Drug Deal”

There is a new album from Foot Village called Make Memories (Northern Spy) that was released this week, and now you can get a visual chunk of the good stuff with a video made for “This Song Is A Drug Deal”, and it is. The video looks quite festive even though the song is very demonic. Okay, not demonic but most demonic songs are awesome anyway so for the hell of it, let’s say that “This Song Is A Drug Deal” is demonic.

If you’d like to hear the clipping. remix of “This Song Is A Drug Deal”, you may click here.

AUDIO: Foot Village’s “This Song Is A Drug Deal (clipping. remix)

Foot Village/Clipping photo FVClipping_cover_zps6d9baf00.jpg
You have Foot Village on one side, a great thing.

Then you have clipping. on another side, or perhaps they’re in their own atmosphere.

What they have done here is united, at least in remix form, as Foot Village’s “This Song Is A Drug Deal” has been given the remix treatment by clipping., and it doesn’t sound like what you think it will be.

The song is a bonus track on Foot Village’s forthcoming album on Northern Spy, Make Memories, which you may order here, or through Amazon below.

SOME STUFFS: New album from Foot Village on its way

Foot Village
The work “leak” should not apply to something done officially, so the news about Foot Village “leaking” the final cover for their forthcoming album and its track listing? I will not use that word, so let’s officially begin this in the second paragraph.

Foot Village will be releasing a new album in March called Make Memories (Northern Spy), and as a preview, the band are sharing the track listing:
1. 1600 Dolla Bill
2. This Song Is A Drug Deal
3. AIDS Sucks, Make Money
4. New Jersey
5. Warlock
6. The End Of The World

Not only that, but they’re also a video trailer, a means of a tease.

An album sampler is also being made available, fill in the box below:

The album will be made available for pre-sale beginning on December 21st over at Northern Spy.