RECORD CRACK: Frank Gossner shows what true record digging is all about

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When record collectors talk shop, conversation can often lead to someone saying “damn, someone must be sitting on a pile of those records”. This is a photo of Frank Gossner, an avid collector of Afrobeat music from West Africa who has turned his love of African music into a career that has lead to doing DJ sets and compiling reissues for record labels.

This photo is a document of a recent journey to Ghana and Nigeria, but you’ll have to read his journey towards the records. The actual color photos of what he found are amazing, one of the photos is captioned “My head was about to explode”. Any of us who have done any level of digging and collecting will know what it means to find something decent, but this is, in the words of the Geto Boys, the other level of the game.

You can find out what I mean by clicking to this entry on Gossner’s Voodoo Funk blog. This is that cache DJ Shadow referred to in Scratch, that mountain many of us aspire to find someday, even if it means wearing a gas mask.

Some of the records found on this trip have been compiled for a compilation album called Lagos Disco Inferno,to be released on March 16th by Academy LP’s.

An older interview with Gossner can be found here.

(Mahalo nui to Stephanie “DJ Stef” Ornelas for the link.)