FREE MP3 DL: Nas, Aerosmith & Frank Sinatra’s “Street Dreams (CHEATCODE Remix)”

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You may have heard the buzz about it, perhaps seen a few links here and there but didn’t bother to take a listen? I’d like for you to give it a try. Cheatcode decided to create a new mix of Nas’ “Street Dreams” by pulling in Aerosmith’s “Dream On” and Frank Sinatra’s “Young At Heart” and this is the very nice end result.

SOME STUFFS: The chairman of the board gets the MFSL remastered treatment, this time on vinyl

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Yes indeed, jazz and pop music fans, when you see the words Original Master Recording on top of the album cover, it means business. Frank Sinatra always meant business, and the folks at MOFI/MFSL are giving his Sinatra & Strings album, released by Reprise in 1962, the remastered treatment on vinyl.

The album was arranged and conducted by Don Costa, the first union between the two. Some of you will know him as the father of rock/soul singer Nikka Costa. Even if you’re not a fan of Sinatra, hearing Sinatra & Strings will give you a chance to hear how great those classic recording studios sounded in the early 1960’s, one of many reasons why fans and collectors continue to seek and explore the Sinatra catalog.

Those who have already ordered this pressing of Sinatra & Strings will be happy to know that the albums were shipped to customers on September 16th. You can order your copy directly from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab.

OBITUARY: Alan Livingston (1917-2009)

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For fans of children’s entertainment and television shows, Alan Livingston was the man who created the character known as Bozo The Clown. For music and recording fans, he was the man who brought Bozo to Capitol Records, and ended up producing not only all of Bozo’s early 78’s, but also recordings by Woody Woodpecker, Bugs Bunny, and Tweety Pie, and in fact he wrote the song “I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat”. By signing Frank Sinatra to Capitol, Livingston helped the label become a huge success throughout the 1950’s.

For millions of Beatles fans, they will forever know Livingston as the man who signed them to Capitol in late 1963, after someone else at the label initially passed on the group.

If anyone deserves the maverick tag, it’s Alan Livingtson, whose early productions on those Bozo The Clown records are some of the best of the era, doing things that were ahead of its time, things that would become dominant sounds in pop and rock’n’roll in the 50’s and 60’s.

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To the man who helped create one of my all-time favorite children’s records, Bozo and His Rocket Ship, r.i.p. Alan Livingtston.

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