VIDEO: Cristion D’or featuring Fred The Godson’s “Old York”


A thrill a minute may mean it’s a thrill when you’re up in it, and what “it” defines is unknown but you’ll want to know what Cristion D’or is talking about in his new video for the song “Old York”, which features none other than the brother known as Fred The Godson. It’s a maximum choice here, now make your owns.

REVIEW: Jaecyn Bayne’s “Audio Therapy”

Photobucket Jaecyn Bayne is a rapper that sounds like that around the way cat that you can rely on for quality rhymes and flows, and he shows what he’s about on his album Audio Therapy. The therapy involved includes a number of rock and blues-rock instrumentals that are nice to hear in this context, as Bayne is someone who wants to go on a journey and take listeners along with him, just as the music does. Then you get into a song like “Heat Stroke” that sounds like they found the ghost of the Kashmere Stage Band, added Cut Chemist‘s beat selection into the mix, and went crazy. Then things get elevated when Keith Murray starts rhyming in “Heat Stroke” and you want to raise your hand and go “SHIT YEAH!”

It’s nice to hear an MC who is able to be musically diverse without fear, because too many want to be locked in a comfort zone and never get out of it. Jaecyn Bayne is a journeyman, welcome him into your village.

SOME STUFFS: Fred The Godson looks to restore hip-hop’s glory

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When I was growing up, my parents and grandparents used to call guys like Fred The Godson “bruisers”. Because of their size, they were likely to bruise anyone who came their way, even if they were to bow down in shame. His forthcoming mix tape is representation of who he is and where he’s from: Big Bronx: Reloaded is the name, and this is a taste of what’s on there in the form of “Get ‘Em Fred” (5.2mb)

To hear more of The Godson’s work, head on over to his official MySpace page.