AUDIO: Scribbling Idiots featuring Freddie Bruno, JustMe, muzeONE, Jurny Big, Griffin & EF Cuttin’s “Pass It”

Invitation Only (Illect) by Scribbling Idiots is only a few weeks from being heard in full, but they want for you to hear and have a slice now. As is customary with friends both old and new, the Idiots want to “Pass It” to you, but make sure you also pass it around to reddie Bruno, JustMe, muzeONE, Jurny Big, Griffin, and EF Cuttin, all of whom appear in this track. You may pre-order Invitation Only below from Amazon.

REVIEW: Sivion’s “Butterfly Sessions: Remixed by Freddie Bruno”

Sivion photo Sivion13_cover_zpsf6a364b1.jpg The feedback from Sivion’s 2010 album Butterfly Sessions has resulted in a new musical interpretation of. Butterfly Sessions: Remixed by Freddie Bruno (Illect) is re-explored from the inside out so that while some of the samples used may make it sound rough, rugged, and raw, the lyrics are very much the same. This is hip-hop that is done from the mind of someone with a good heart, so while some of the lyrics are on the spiritual side, its messages and means of speaking aren’t overwhelming by any means.

What Freddie Bruno has done with these songs is give them a punchier kick, and that’s not to say that the original mixes weren’t bad, because they weren’t. It’s just he has created an aura that may help to make these messages more lively if they didn’t do that the first time. It’s also a way for Bruno’s work to be highlighted. The album features remixes of the original songs plus full instrumentals for each remix.

FREE MP3 DL: Sivion featuring DJ Because’s “Everything Is Everything (Freddie Bruno Remix)”

Sivion photo Sivion_BuSe-cover_zpsb90e87c7.jpg
Butterfly Sessions: Remixed By Freddie Bruno is the forthcoming album from Sivion, due out February 12th, and “Everything Is Everything” is just one cut out of many. This one features DJ Because, and even if you’re familiar with Sivion’s original, you’ll like what Bruno did with this.