VIDEO: Free Weed’s “I’m Free”

Upon listening to the first few seconds, I thought this was a cover of The Who’s “I’m Free” from their 1969 album Tommy but once he said the song title (similar to The Who song) and heard the rest of the words, I realized it was not the same song. The similarities end at that point but it’s a new song by the group, taken from their Bad Diet album Introducing. The video was presented to the world by Steele O’Neal.


SOME STUFFS: Free Weed is hoping to give you “Later” for now

Free Weed photo FreeWeed_old_zps19bd9eb1.jpg
You may know of Rikki Gage from his time with White Fang, The Memores or Gnar Tapes but he is now doing a solo project not under his own name, but with this name: Free Weed. His first album will be out on the 24th of this month through Bad Diet Records. One of the songs from it is the one I want to share with you hear, so listen to “Later” now or anytime you are able to.

He has a show in L.A. at the end of the month before going to SXSW next month:
February 27… Los Angeles, CA (HM157) (Album Release Show)
March (actual dates to be determined)… Austin, TX (SXSW)