VIDEO: Freestyle Fellowship’s “This Write Here”;

A music video with a stern warning:
This video may trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy

This is not a joke. Images flutter and it may look cool in a room with the lights down, but if you can’t handle video with intense strobe, do not watch this, or at least turn around and just listen to the music. You have been warned.

VIDEO: Freestyle Fellowship’s “We Are”

As the mainstream media continues to stunt hip-hop’s growth for its own benefits, a lot of artists are presenting themselves as being mature, not only with content but with age. There aren’t many groups from the 1990’s where the mere mention of their name will make everyone in the room immediately stop what they’re doing to show respect. Then the discussions begin. Let’s do that here:

Freestyle Fellowship.

Right? This is a brand new video called “We Are” and you’ll see a few white hairs in the beard but you know what that is? Maturity. Show love.

Show love more? They are going to do a small handful of shows in Southern California this holiday season, check them out if you can:

12/16/11 – Los Angeles, CA – House Of Blues, 9pm
12/18/11 – San Francisco, CA – Slim’s, 8pm
12/22/11 – Anaheim, CA – House Of Blues, 8pm