RECORD CRACK: Split 7″ from Funerary Box and Vickers
A 3-song 7″ is on its way for those who want their death and black metal raw and ugly. This one is a split effort between Funerary Box and Vickers and to be released by the Give Praise label. Funerary Box get three songs to themselves while Vickers dish out for morsels. You can order the record directly from Give Praise by clicking here or representing the home of Funerary Box an d Vickers, order from Kentucky by writing to Backwoods Butcher Records.

RECORD CRACK: Metal and noise combine for split 7″

 photo FuneraryBox_covers_zps3f47e25f.jpg
If you like your records to be sonically and musicall warped, you’ll want to invest in this split 7″. On one side are Funerary Box, giving up their death metal for the hell of being evil and dark. Their contribution to the record is called “Fuck The Moon”. Flip the record over and you have some noise from Crowd Surfers Must Die (C.S.M.D.), whose “Bastial Invaders” is as insane as it reads. Only 300 copies are being pressed and once they’re gone, say goodbye to it. You may listen to Funerary Box’s “Fuck The World” below via Bandcamp. The 7″ is available from both Backwoods Butcher Records and Rescued From Life Records.

RECORD CRACK: Kentucky black/death metal on a 7″ from Funerary Box

 photo FuneraryBox_cover_zps5404ed6c.jpg
What does black/death metal fron Kentucky sound like? You’re going to find out right now through the band Funerary Box. It’s a 5-song 7″ EP on Backwoods Butcher Records called Befouling Consecrated Ground, and two of its songs are streaming right now on Bandcamp below. Very brutal and vulgar, with some wicked guitar solos along the way, take a listen.

The 7″ will be pressed on black vinyl, only 300 copies have been made. You can order your copies from Backwoods Butcher Records’ web store.
 photo FuneraryBox_covers_zpsc4b8e408.jpg