REVIEW: Fur For Fairies’ self titled debut album

Fur For Fairies photo FurForF_cover_zpsjs2tss8t.jpg Susanne Kelly is the founder of Fur For Fariries and if the name sounds familiar, you may know her husband, Green Pajamas member Jeff Kelly. While Jeff Kelly is credited as producer and author of all of the songs, Susanne makes it hers and creates a world that is unique in itself but free to listen to it with the perspective of what Jeff Kelly is known for. On their self-titled debut, Susanne sings these songs that is not unlike the devotion one normally expects in works by Polly Jean Harvey, Karen O., and Kim Shattuck. Musically, Jeff Kelly goes everywhere from blunt rock to bluesy dirges, with some of the Seattle influences being somewhat obvious if you know what you’re listening to/for. In fact, as someone who has lived in the Pacific Northwest for a long time, Fur For Fairies very much sounds like a Seattle album, even though there isn’t a stereotypical Seattle sound. It just sounds like the kind of music that may have been written in the fall, made specifically during the winter, then mixed and mastered during the spring. When Susanne reaches deep into lyrics like “I feel like a boy, you feel like a girl/I bet you would taste just like the end of the end”, it is almost as if Jeff was writing directly for his wife, or you could say Susanne was saying “okay Jeff, I dare you to write what you think I’m thinking”. This is the end result. It sounds like the perfect music that is meant for times like this, where you just want to listen and phase out the rest of the world, just to be able to bathe in the textures and surroundings of these compositions. At least that’s what I think.