FREE DL: Weather Report’s “American Tango (Platurn Edit)”

 photo WeatherPlaturn_cover_zpsff5e83db.jpg
DJ Platurn is back with an all new edit, and this time he is dipping into the world of jazz fusion. Weather Report find their “American Tango” (originally released on their Mysterious Traveller album, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year) taken to a place previously unimaged. It had been placed in the hands of Platurn and now it’s for you and all to hear.

(NOTE: The file you’ll be downloading is a full WAV, so get to this while supplies last.)

AUDIO: Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo’s “Honey, Hash, Rose”

Onra & Buddy Sativa are Yatha Butha Jazz Combo, and their style of jazz goes back 40 years ago, when fusion was a king that was not to be messed with. Their song “Honey, Hash, Roses” is a statement in itself, and if that blend may bring to mind the scents of something quite amazing, wait until you hear it. This is mindblowing heaviness with an incredible funky wallop. There is an album to come next week, I would suggest that if you feel you’re in the way, move now.