VIDEO: Futuristic & Sam Lachow’s “Watch Yo Mouth”

To me, this sounds like normal hip-hop and I love what Futuristic and Sam Lachow do here for their song “Watch You Mouth”. The lyrics are nice, the flows are different for each guy but works, and the song was put together in a way that doesn’t sound like anyone else. For others, this might be too adventurous but what’s wrong with that? Nothing at all. They did the video with directors Jakob Owens and Tom Taugher, would love if this blew up in the springtime.

VIDEO: Mega Ran, Lefty & Futuristic’s “Doubt Me (Radio Edit)”

Personally, I enjoy a quality radio edit but because of it, will some YouTube user fix this video to dub in the explicit version just so people can download the track and hear it in a filthy fashion? I hope not, as that would not be the wishes of Mega Ran, Lefty and Futuristic, who say “you don’t believe me?” How dare you “Doubt Me” would be the words one of them would say, but don’t doubt them, just listen and watch. If you’d like to enjoy the song again but without the aid of visuals, press play below.