SOME STUFFS: Gangi treat fans with new video and remix

First, the video:

It’s for the Gangi song “Hindering the Sight of Threatening Events”, released earlier this month on their gesture is album.

Second, the audio:

It’s “Hindering the Sight of Threatening Events” again, but this time it’s the Rainbow Arabia remix, and this one you can download for free.

There is, in fact, a third. On Halloween night, they will be wrapping up a tour by playing at the Wardenclyffe Gallery in Austin, Texas.

No need to discuss a fourth, unless you like what you’ve heard here and would like to buy their album. If so, proceed…

VIDEO: Gangi’s “Gold”

Nine days after the release of their new album, Gangi has released a new video in the form of “Gold”, where things are sparkly and shiny but it still rocks. Also a plus: the video features some awesome interpretive dancing, sure to bring in the crowds twofold. Do you want to become a part of the crowd? DO YOU?!??!! Check out the remainder of their touring coordinates:
October 13… Cleveland, OH (Mahall’s 20 Lanes)
October 16… Pittsburgh, PA (Garfield Artworks)
October 17… Philadelphia, PA (Silk City)
October 18… Brooklyn, NY (Glasslands) (Force Field PR CMJ Showcase)
October 25… Athens, GA (Farm 255)
October 30… Austin, TX (Baby Blue)
October 31… Austin, TX (Wardenclyffe Gallery)

SOME STUFFS: Gangi’s new album released today

“Railways nos. 1-27” is the latest video from Gangi, created and released in response to what? Nothing.

Well okay, it was made and released in response to the duo’s brand new album called gesture is, which you may order directly from their label, Office of Analogue and Digital, by clicking here (MP3 and CD’s are available now, vinyl pressing is available to pre-order.) In honor of its release, Gangi are doing a record release show tonight in Los Angeles, which marks the start of their tour across the U.S. Check them out if you can:
October 2 Los Angeles, CA – The Satellite (Record Release Show)
October 3 Phoenix, AZ – Sail Inn
October 4 Albuquerque, NM – Ironhaus
October 6 Denver, CO – Deer Pile
October 7 Denver, CO – Rhinoceropolis
October 9 Lawrence, KS – Jackpot Saloon
October 10 Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
October 11 Chicago, IL – Subterranean
October 12 Detroit, MI – Garden Bowl
October 13 Cleveland, OH – Mahall’s 20 Lanes
October 16 Pittsburgh, PA – Garfield Artworks
October 17 Philadelphia, PA – Silk City
October 18 Brooklyn, NY – Glasslands (Force Field PR CMJ Showcase)
October 25 Athens, GA – Farm 255
October 30 Austin, TX – Baby Blue
October 31 Austin, TX – Wardenclyffe Gallery