VIDEO: Shivery Shakes’ “Hold On”

Shivery Shakes photo ShiveryShakes_old_zps4ca52fd2.jpg
Music videos are essentially commercials or informercials but what if you’re an artist who find yourselves stuck in an actual informercial? This is what Shivery Shakes discovered when they created “Hold On” and found themselves in a world of television trouble. The song is from their Three Waves And A Shake album on Austin Town Hall/Punctum.

VIDEO: Crystal Stilts’ “Star Crawl”

This video by Crystal Stilts either looks like a psychedelic haze or someone shot this on expired film. Sadly, it’s safe to say that this wasn’t shot on expired film but the thought would’ve bee great. It’s for the song “Star Crawl”, and it feels fresh out of a box made in 1968, complete with cardboard box mustiness.

The band will be heading on tour at the end of the month, with Zachary Cale opening up, click over here for a full tour date itinerary. They’re doing the live show thing to promote their latest album, Nature Noir, due out on September 17th via Sacred Bones Records.

AUDIO: Gladiola’s “Breaking Into The Pool”

 photo Gladiola_old_zpsc6daa378.jpg
Off You Go is Boston personified.

Does that sound good, to kind of touch on the fact that Gladiola are from Boston, and that their music is rooted into the city they’re from? Maybe I should try a different method. I don’t know, because it would be an effective way of talking about Gladiola, which I could do by touching how they’re into pop, power rock, and doing things in a noisy fashion as a means to get people to forget about their lighter sides, but by also referring to it so that they’ll know what to and what not to expect, so that their sound is an even balance of what they love and crave and what they don’t know they’re desiring, you know? They could then listen to this song called “Breaking Into The Pool” which refers to a number of things, some obvious, some not, but I wonder if I should keep the readers guessing or should I touch on politics, social economics, attention, desire and things like that? I just don’t want to share people into thinking this is too much, while that extra push into “too much” might be what they desire, or what they should be desiring? See how that works.

I’ll have to think about it for a bit.

VIDEO: The Chordelias’ “Oh Clara”

Last week, the Double Phelix label out of Kalamazoo, Michigan released a compilation album called The Call of Double Phelix, and one of the tracks was by The Chordelias. Now you’re able to have that song in visual form with the band’s video for “Oh Clara”. Aaah, the days when we all made super 8mm films.

VIDEO: La Luz’s “Brainwash”

La Luz are a 4-lady group who make the kind of music you could shag to while watching curls/tubes on the beach while waiting for your favorite drink to be brought to you. It’s a mixture of garage and surf pop/rock that is partly innocent and fun, but with a potential rough side that could go overboard if they allowed themselves to. Directed by Carlos F. Lopez, “Brainwash” is taken from the band’s 7″ single released last month by Suicide Squeeze Records. A second pressing of the record will be ready for release this week, which you may order by clicking here. Digital fans can buy the two tracks from Bandcamp.

AUDIO: Joanna Gruesome’s “Sugarcrush”

 photo JoannaGruesome_old_zps2546ecd5.jpg
As the noise-pop quintet Joanna Gruesome are gearing up to release Weird Sister (Fortuna Pop!, Europe/Slumberland, US) on the 10th of September the Cardiff, England-rooted gang (NOTE: not really a gang) are sharing a track from it to let themselves be known. The song is called “Sugarcrush”.

As for the band, no word yet on any touring but they do have one concert scheduled in London at the end of the month:
August 31… London, England (The Victoria, Dalston)

They are said to be a band that must be watched in a live setting. Wherever they may be in the coming months, head there.

SOME STUFFS: Austin, Texas’ Mirror Travel find a new path with new album

 photo MirrorTravel_old_zps2f586e71.jpg
You may have known of this trio as Follow That Bird, which may lead you to ask the question “what to you mean “may have known”?” Follow The Bird were that close to entering a recording studio to record an album but when the label called it a day, the group also decided to call it a day, or at least they decided to give their moniker a day and come up with a new one.

Enter Mirror Travel.

The band have recorded, mixed, and mastered an album scheduled for released on October 15th through Modern Outsider Records, and it’s called Mexico, the title track of which you are being allowed to listen to below. Tiffanie Lanmon, Paul Brinkley, and Lauren Green went to Marfa, Texas to record the album with Gory Smelley, and while it may seem odd for a band to head 6 1/2 hours west of their home headquarters, isolating themselves in a previously-unknown town was the perfect choice, allowing the band to concentrate on the music and nothing but, and coming up with something that is sure to get people interested in Mirror Travel’s style of rough, garage-y pop. If you happen to be headed to Austin, Texas in mid-August, you’ll be able to see Mirror Travel on home turf when they play at The Mohawk.

(UPDATE: A day after posting this, I watched an episode of one of my favorite new shows on the Cooking Channel, Tripping Out With Alie & Georgia. The most recent episode had them exploring Marfa, Texas and I’m thinking to myself “where did I hear about this town before?” It lead me back to Mirror Travel. While it is 6 1/2 hours west of Austin, it is about three hours east of El Paso. After watching the show, I now want to visit Marfa. Alie & Georgia have posted a brief article about why you should visit Marfa, Texas. A road trip is definitely necessary.)

SOME STUFFS: The Gorgeous Hands plan on slapping you with a “Generator”

 photo TheGorgeousHands_cover_zpsdd570fdf.jpg
Austin, Texas continues to be the hot spot not only for food trucks, but of course, for music. The Gorgeous Hands are one of those Austin bands making a name for themselves, and they’ll do so with their debut album, Tender, released last month. Their love of 60’s pop and bubble gum, and wholesome American rock comes from the collective power that Cullen Faulk (drums), Charlie Magnone (many instruments), and brothers Chris and Rusty Galis put into their music and introspective lyrics. If you are someone who lives within or has concentrated on the Austin music scene, these guys were previously known as Magnificent Snails.

You may now have a look at the first video made for the song, with a song called “Generator”. If you respond to the music in some way, opt to check out the album below via Bandcamp.

SOME STUFFS: A three week wait until The Mantles release new album

June 18 is just three weeks away, and that’s how long Mantles fans have to wait to hear their new album, Long Enough To Leave (Slumberland Records), but they’ve been trickling out a song here and there, and here is… well, there. This song is called “Shadow Of Your Step”, and it’s a nice way to introduce listeners to the second album to come. The band will be on tour this summer, with one warm-up show in June. You may have a glance at the tour dates by clicking here.

SOME STUFFS: The Mantles announce tour dates for the east coast

The Mantles photo Mantles_old_zps70c7f2d6.jpg
The Bay Area is the headquarters for The Mantles, a 4-piece garage pop band who will be, on June 18th, releasing a new album entitled Long Enough To Leave (Slumberland). For a group that have been around since 2007, Long Enough To Leave is only their second album, although they’ve released a number of EP’s over the years on a number of labels. As for the song on the new album, you’ll be able to take a listen a song from it called “Hello”, which is said to be The Mantles in a more defined state. Cleaner? Purer? Find out for yourself.

The group will be heading to the east coast after they have an album release party in mid-June, but then their tour duties begin after the July 4th holiday. A look at the dates:
June 14… San Francisco, CA (Rickshaw Stop) (Record Release show) @
July 5… Washington, DC (Black Whiskey) *
July 6… Baltimore, MD (Club K) *
July 7… Philadelphia, PA (Kung Fu Neck Tie) *
July 8… Harrisburg, PA (MakeSpace) *
July 9… Brooklyn, NY (Shea Stadium) *
July 10… New Haven, CT (BAR) *
July 11… Cambridge, MA (Lilypad) *
July 12… New Bedford, MA (No Problemo Taqueria) *
July 13… New York, NY (Cake Shop) #*

* = w/ Juan Wauters (of The Beets)
@ = w/ The Bats, Legs
# = w/ Piano Movers and Pale Lights