REVIEW: Blue Jeans’ “Songs Are Easy”

 photo BlueJeans_cover_zpsnwmj7mqr.jpg The type of pop/rock found on Blue Jeans’ Songs Are Easy (Jigsaw) sounds like something straight out of the early 1980’s, with teh kind of passion that fits a specific time period. Tracks like “Make Up || Make Up” and “False Start” reminds me of some of the classic gems by The Vaselines and I hope there are a few young fans who will listen to this and be inspired to start their own bands in the next five to ten years. It’s the kind of inspiring music that could become a force in the next few years but what I hear now are a band ready to impress the hell out of everyone who listens to it and perhaps wants to dance.

VIDEO: The Evaporators’ “I Can’t Be Shaved”

The Evaporators are back with a brand new song and a new song from Nardwuar The Human Serviette and friends can only be a good thing. They want to let you know why “I Can’t Be Shaved” so get your favorite after shave and see what happens with your favorite sweaters. This clip was nicely put together by director Jason Margolis.

VIDEO: The Mystery Lights’ “Melt”

Would you stop the world and “Melt” with The Mystery Lights? You might be asking “I don’t even know who these guys are or if they even have a tattoo on their ankle” but now find out. The Mystery Lights sound like a cross between the Dead Kennedys’ and Nardwuar’s band The Evaporators, you may hear other influences too but “Melt” is from the band’s self-titled album on Wick Records, which you can check out below via

AUDIO: Hidden Charms’ “Cannonball”

Photo by Phoebe Fox
Hidden Charms photo HiddenCharms_old_zpsv0vqnjgw.jpg
Cannonball has been announced as the title of Hidden Charms’ forthcoming single to be released on June 17th and here it is. London group Hidden Charms are built for speed and they are more than willing to pump you up big time. The London outfit, comprising of Vincent Davies (vocals/guitar/bass), Ranald Macdonald (vocals/keys), Josh Lewis (guitar) and Oscar Robertson (drums), is something that was mentioned in their press release and that’s the only part I will cut and paste from. I will tell youy that the song was produced by the one and only Mr. Chop so you know it has to be good and… wait, you don’t believe me? Listen for yourself, then.

VIDEO: Acapulco Lips’ “Awkward Waltz”

Acapulco Lips photo AcapulcoLips_old_zpsqf9ywxqr.jpg
Before the week is over, Acapulco Lips will release a new album on Killroom Records and the group would like to share the first video made for it called “Awkward Waltz”, directed by Magalie Laroche. The album will be on vinyl and was pressed on a purple record, which you can pre-order by heading here.

The group will be having an album release show in Seattle on the 29th with The Shivas and CHarms scheduled to appear, things will be happening at Tractor Tavern.

AUDIO: Acapulco Lips’ “Awkward Waltz”

Acapulco Lips photo AcapulcoLips_old_zps9uatayfm.jpg
“Awkward Waltz”: is is really awkward, is it really a waltz, or is it awkward because the song isn’t in a 3/4 time signature? No matter because this Seattle trio will be releasing their self-titled debut album on April 15th so as some of you get your tax return money, you’ll want to celebrate by picking up this album on the Killroom label, being pressed in nice pink vinyl. Have a listen to the album’s first single, the aforementioned “Awkward Waltz”. The album can be pre-ordered on vinyl and/or CD, as well as digital, from Bandcamp below.

VIDEO: Kool Stuff Katie’s “It’s All Your Fault”

 photo KoolStuffKateie_old_zps4sgwoz10.jpg
Portland, Oregon continues doing their thing as norm or according to outsiders, the un-norm. You know, being abnormal? Anyway, it’s a duo from Rose City that combine a love of garage rock with a nice taste of pop flavoring and they call themselves Kool Stuff Katie. Vocalist/drummer Saren Oliver and vocalist/guitarist Shane Blem may represent a minimalistic approach at its best but don’t say their music is minimal. For proof, check out their new song “It’s All Your Fault” and it may very well be just that if you don’t end up being a fan. In truth, let them grow on you if they don’t immediately hit you. The song is from their new album due out on Friday called
It’s Fine
, which you can pre-order below via Bandcamp.

REVIEW: The Fuzz’s “Best Kept Secret”

 photo TheFuzz_cover_zpsctvu7l28.jpg The Fuzz have released a new album on Green Monkey Records called Best Kept Secret and if you are someone who loves their rock in a dingy club or basement with a hint of stink and gank, you’ve come to the right place. It reminds me of the kind of music I’d hear from a group of people who have a lot of experience and know what they’re doing, singing about and playing, and that’s exactly what this is. This is experienced music, and some of this reminds me of early Mudhoney or even Green River, as if Mark Arm decided to show up and say “hey, I want to jam with you guys.” I’m sure fans of the Seattle music will say “this should remind you of a lot of other people than that” and there’s nothing wrong with an aggressive song like this with lyrics that refer to Kareem Abdul Jabbar, as they do in the nice basketball anthem “Wilt”. Nonetheless, for those who remember and know what Seattle rock sounds like, perhaps this is why this is called Best Kept Secret, for this is something you’re not going to hear on the radio with its own dedicated hour during lunch, This is true grit from the 206.

SOME STUFFS: Blankus Larry get full with release of second album

Blankus Larry photo BlankusLarry_old_zpsj1gkpdmu.jpg
They call the DMV (Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia) area home and they want to throw out their brand of garage rock to you with their new album Problemo. No problemo, you say? Exactly. You can also say who they are, as I haven’t introduced them to you: their name is Blankus Larry. The members are Bloody Larry, Durdy Larry, Cuzin Larry, Marion Larry, Neon Larry, and Dub Larry although when it comes to writing and recording, Bloody and Durdy are the core. They like to mix things up with what they do so find out what they’re made of by streaming here.

VIDEO: The Holydrug Couple’s “Light Or Night”

The Holydrug Couple photo HolydrugCouple_old_zpsvzrsecdv.jpg
If you think of bands from Chile, maybe one may not come to mind but you can change that by getting to know The Holydrug Couple. This psych rock band recently released an album for Sacred Bones called Moonlust and have done a number of shows across the globe for a few years. Now they have a song in support of the new effort, check out “Light Or Night”.

The band had to cancel their European tour recently but they have rescheduled everything and are heading at the end of this winter and to welcome Spring overseas. Check out the dates:

4 March, 2016… Amsterdam, Netherlands (Paradiso)
5 March, 2016… Groningen, Netherlands (Vera)
6 March, 2016… Zeewolde, Netherlands (Where The Wild Things Are)
7 March, 2016… Hamburg, Germany (Hafenklang)
8 March, 2016… Copenhagen, Denmark (Loppen)
9 March, 2016… Malmö, Sweden (Inkonst)
10 March, 2016… Stockholm, Sweden (Lilla Hotellbaren)
11 March, 2016… Oslo, Norway (Revolver)
12 March, 2016… Göteborg, Sweden (Woah Dad HQ)
13 March, 2016… Aarhus, Denmark (TAPE)
15 March, 2016… Liege, Belgium (MAD Café)
16 March, 2016… Gent, Belgium (Charlatan)
17 March, 2016… Brussels, Belgium (Homeplugged)
18 March, 2016… London, England (Shacklewell Arms)
19 March, 2016… Paris, France (Gonzai Party @ La Maroquinerie)
20 March, 2016… Nantes, France (Le Ferrailleur)
21 March, 2016… Toulouse, France (Le Saint des Seins)
22 March, 2016… Tolosa, Spain (Bonberenea)
23 March, 2016… Madrid, Spain (Siroco)
24 March, 2016… Cascais, Portugal (Stairway Club)
26 March, 2016… Oviedo, Spain (Lata de Zinc)