VIDEO: Knuckle’s “Bad Brains”

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This Week’s Been Hell is the debut EP made by Knuckle, whose music has been called “garage blues”. Find out what these guys from Huddersfield, United Kingdom make by listening to a track from the release, this one called “Bad Brains”.

Knuckle have two more shows to play before the end of the year so if you’re in the UK, head out and celebrate with them:
December 13… Derby, UK (Victoria Inn)
December 19… Huddersfield, UK (The Sportsman)

FREE MP3 DL: Tessela’s “Gateway (Jurassik More Beats Edit)”

Test your speakers as you can caught up on the bass power of Tessela, whose “Gateway” has been remixed by Jurassik. I can imagine dance floors getting wicked with this playing, DJ’s turning this into a non-stop anthem.

If you’d like to download it, you have to click to the Soundcloud page for details

FREE MP3 DL: Ruff Da Menace’s “Do I Feel Lucky (Original Soundbwoys Re-Warp)”

“Do I Feel Lucky” is the latest track by Ruff Da Menace and if you’ve been paying attention to the clubs or social media, you’ll know there are a number of remixes of it circulating. This one takes the original to another level, courtesy of Seattle’s AJ Sorbello and Sir Kutz, who are collectively known as Original Soundbwoys. Their Facebook page is brand new so not much exploring going on yet, but some of you may already be familiar with their work on an individual basis. If not, and you want to hear the music that lead to their union, head to Sorbello‘s and SirKutz‘s Soundcloud pages.

SOME STUFFS: You are “Better Off Now”, Forsthays say so in their song

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Their name is Forsthays, which may song British or European in nature but this is how they spell out the phrase “Forest Haze”. It’s kinda artsy fartsy but now that you know this, you can tell other people why you’re wearing a Forsthays shirt or scarf and laugh when they pronounce it wrong.

Moving on, their music is described as being “R&B garage with the melodic styling of Frank Ocean and James Blake”, which might sound odd unless you know who Ocean and Blake are. In this case, Forsthays would like for you to get to know who they are: Dominique is the singer, Robar is the producer. With roots in both Minneapolis and Berlin, Forsthays want you to think differently about them, which may also lead to you hear them differently. Begins With You is the group’s 5-song EP which opens with the song “Better Off Now”, and while it may lead to you saying “I’m better off now after hearing this duo”, you might just want to tell others “hey, I felt good after checking this group out, I want you to know about them. I even made a shirt.” In truth, if you love soul music with a pinch of edginess, you’re going to like them. Download “Better Off Now” for free while supplies last.

If you opt to also buy the EP below (via Bandcamp), the duo are hard at work on making a debut album they hope to complete before the end of the year.

VIDEO: Froth’s “Lost My Mind”

If there’s a time to bring the Omnichord into pop music, it would be right now as the guys in Froth show us in their new video for “Lost My Mind”. Directed by Patrick O’Dell, Froth made this song for their latest album on Lollipop Records, Patterns.

FREE MP3 DL: The Revivalists’ “Pretty Phonograph (Quickie Mart Remix)”

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On one side of the gate, you have The Revivalists and their brand new song, “Pretty Phonograph”. Now take that song and give the multi-tracks to DJ Quickie Mart. In his hands, the possibilities are endless. Here is one of those possibilities. If you’d like to download it after streaming to listen, click the player below and the DL link will be on the Soundcloud page. The song will appear on QM’s Space Monkey Radio 2 compilation.

FREE DL: Diamos Roll’s “Last Night”

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It is a free download, but you can also use the “Name Your Price” option (which is always suggested) if you like what you hear. What you will hear is a new EP of tight dance music by Diamos Roll called Last Night, which features five different mixes of the title track plus three new songs. Last Night is a split release between Ezhevika and Ultra Vague Recordings, so don’t be vague about it: stream and listen, then consider downloading it. For fans of garage, electronica, and twisted sense of boom bap, get to it.

FREE MP3 DL: Sunshine Anderson’s “Heard It All Before (Rain City Riot Garage VIP)”

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With a hook that sounds as if it was pulled in part from Cameo’s “Candy”… well, the question I want to ask first is “do you remember Sunshine Anderson?” It seems once she released “Heard It All Before” and flirted with the chart, she went as fast as she came and thus became “out of sight, out of mind”. Rain City Riot have not forgotten about her and decided to give her one hit the garage treatment, which you can listen to and download for free, while supplies last.