VIDEO: Gensu Dean & Denmark Vessey’s “Whole Food”

The press release is clear and distinct:
Mello Music is proud to announce the release of Dallas based producer Gensu Dean and nomadic (Detroit, NYC, Chicago) MC Denmark Vessey’s new full length album out tomorrow and video Whole Food and I mean if you need more, do a search yourself. But here it is, the title track for Whole Foods, make sure you watch those pricey apples. The video was nicely done by director Rodolfo Duran.

REVIEW: 7evenThirty’s “The Problem”

 photo 7even7hirty_cover_zpsd6bd815a.jpg If you have never heard 7evenThirty yet and you consider yourself a hip-hop fan, what’s slowing you down? The man has the kind of laid back flow that shows a sense of confidence that makes you feel good about listening, but also isn’t afraid to show occasional flashes of humor to reveal his human side, that he’s not an automaton. The Problem (Mello Music Group/Fatbeats) is a primarily serious album that covers on the state of not so much the world, but the community, the city, and the personal mind. Some of us feel that it may be good to think globally but in order to do that, we have to think locally and the local spot to spruce up is ourselves, and how we’re able to interact with everyone else. Gensu Dean’s production is very synth and keyboard savvy, so it has the feel of what the south has specialized on in the last 20+ years, and the beats are clean and crisp, you don’t want to interrupt any of the songs. When there are times 7evenThirty comes off like a strong man of spirit, you can hear hints of Snoop Dogg in every way he twists his words, sentences, and verses, he understands what to do and more importantly, he understands himself, his capabilities, and how to build on it. Hearing Sean Price in “Hook Heavy” is indeed heavy and I would not mind hearing a full EP or album from these guys. In the end, there is no absolute solution to the problem in question but The Problem will help you to see yourself a little better and aim towards a better locality and world around you.

VIDEO: 7evenThirty’s “The Problem”

If someone comes up to you and tells you they want to talk about a problem, you’d like to think they may be there to offer a solution. 7evenThirty is here to talk about “The Problem”, which is not about any one specific thing but a collective amount of problems that has lead to a psychotic mess. Considering what has been happening in the United States this summer, this is a very timely song that needs to be heard now. As for the sample, it’s taken from the David Axelrod-produced “House Of Mirrors” by David McCallum, known as one of the core samples in DJ Shadow’s “Dark Days”.

FREE DL: 7evenThirty featuring Sean Price’s “Hook Heavy”
7evenThirty has a new track for 2014 that will continue to be part of the reason to listen and pay attention to him. A better reason to listen? Sean Price fits himself within the track and… you need another reason? See the song title “Hook Heavy”? Now formulate that concept within the mind. Yes, now press play and… no, better yet, download it and then press play. A lot.

Wait, you want another reason to seal the deal? Production from Gensu Dean. BOOM, cue Jamaican horns.

FREE DL: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia’s “Reflections (Translucent Mix)”

 photo GensuPlanetR_cover_zpse5330f14.jpg
Abrasions (Mello Music Group) is an album that has been making fans of both Gensu Dean and Planet Asia quite happy. If you haven’t heard it yet, haven’t been motivated yet, or were kinda iffy on the situation, un-if yourself. You’re now able to check out the Translucent Mix of “Reflections” not only to stream and listen, but to download.

VIDEO: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia’s “Bar Mitzvah”

Getting to a bar mitzvah? You might see Gensu Dean and Planet Asia rocking it out in the music area, if this video is any indication. Celebrate the goodness ahead of everyone else by doing it where you are right now. The song is taken from their Abrasions album on Mello Music Group, out right now. RIGHT NOW.

VIDEO: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia’s “Faces On The Dollar”

Corner store, car wash, and public park vibes are what make up this new visual abrasion by Gensu Dean and Planet Asia. The song is taken from their great Abrasions album on Mello Music Group, and if you missed out on that, maybe this video will be a helpful way to let you know “see and hear what you’re missing?” The video was nicely directed by Jake Handegard.

FREE DL: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia’s “Bar Mitzvah”

Another blast from Gensu Dean and Planet Asia comes in the form of “Bar Mitzvah”, taken from their newly released (as in today) album Abrasions (Mello Music Group). It’s free, no excuses here.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia featuring Shawn Pen’s “Chuck Berry”

Gensu Dean & Planet Asia photo GDPASP_CB-cover_zpsb276434d.jpg
Gensu Dean: check.
Planet Asian: fresh.
Shawn Pen: Oh!

The trio have gathered together for a track simply called “Chuck Berry”, but the question is… why did they call this “Chuch Berry”? Does it pay homage to his duck walk? His ding-a-ling? Or being a pioneer and architect of rock’n’roll? You have to listen and decide for yourself.