FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Blue Scholars’ “May Day”

In response to recent shootings in Seattle, Blue Scholars decided to put together a track which speaks on the situation, calling for a bit of wisdom and help in the form of “May Day”. The song originated from a track Geo (a/k/a Prometheus Brown) did as part of a musical editorial he put together for the Seattle Times. That video brought back some positive feedback (along with the usual news website stupidity that often shows up in comments sections), enough to where Geo decided to put together a studio version of it with a beat from Sabzi‘s library, and here it is.

VIDEO: Sol, Geo & Preach’s “Dawgs In The House”

When it comes to Washington State, 2Pac said it best that “the west side is the best side”, and when you represent the west side of Washington, you do it by celebrating the UW (you-dub), specifically the Huskies. Had I got my shit together after high school, I would have attended UW and maybe (read “big maybe”) could’ve made something of myself.

But what to do? Get some of Seattle’s best to put down a track that is true to their school, so you have Sol, Geologic of Blue Scholars, and Gregory “Preach” Christine to hook up with producer (and Jollibee fan) Jake One) to put together a song that should be a hot track when the annual Apple Cup comes around. What’s going to be the WSU song, “We Got A Silo & Cheese”? Fuck that. No Cougs, it’s all about saying Go Huskies in this honorable track, “Dawgs In The House”. WOOF!