FREE MP3 DL: Ghetto’s “Fuck Wit U”

Ghetto photo Ghetto_cover_zps6bce7a66.jpg
With April 20th (a/k/a 4/20) on the way, Ghetto will be releasing a street album in the form of Chain Smoking, so if you are someone who plans on lighting it up, inhale this. It’s a song produced by DJ Concept called “Fuck Wit U”, and it has that Alchemist/Jake One vibe. Dig them? You’ll dig this.

VIDEO: Scientifik featuring K.S, Reks, Termanology, DraMatik, Sonic, Astro, Lunox, Hectic, & Ghetto’s “Law-Town’s Finest”

This video honors the late Scientifik, who called Lawrence, Massachusetts home

Lawrence, Ma aka Law-Town (978) come together and pick up where the late great Scientifik left off, a tale and tribute of a city down on its luck the place that where Scientifik called home. Some of you may remember that his passing involved what is officially called a “double homicide”, one that still remains unsolved. Away from his passing, in the shorttime Scientifik rhymed and released music, many MC’s in the Boston area loved and embraced what he did as an artist, and continue to show his influence on them.

These MC’s take off where Scientifik left us, bringing him and the Boston hip-hop scene into the forefront once more with help from Termanology, Reks, DraMatik, Sonic, Ghetto, Astro, K.S., Hectic, and Lunox.

K.S, Reks, Termanology, DraMatik, Sonic, Astro, Lunox, Hectic, & Ghetto