VIDEO: Ghost Bath’s “Happy House”

Moonlover (Nuclear Blast) is the name of the new album by Ghost Bath and they’ve amde a video for “Happy House”. Occasionally I like to link the name of the artist with the album they’re promoting and the song that’s hyping it up and try to make some connection. While you do that, also check out the majesty of this track. The clip was directed by Jesse Lynch. The album can be ordered below via

VIDEO: Ghost Bath’s “Golden Number”

From their album released today called Moonlover (Nuclear Blast) comes a new one from the almighty Ghost Bath called “Golden Number”. This video will become an endurance test, as it lasts for nine minutes but fear not, some of you enjoy watching four hour movies or vegging out during TV show marathons, a nine minute music video will do you no harm.

For now. The album can be purchased below via