FREE DL: Mochipet’s “Psilocybin Samurai Remixed”
Newly released is an album by Mochipet called Psilocybin Samurai Remixed and while you are able to download it as FLAC’s or MP3’s, you will only be able to download this for a week, and that’s this week. This means until June 16th, you’ll have a chance to get this and enjoy it, free of charge. Get to it now.

SOME STUFFS: Mochipet goes ‘shrooming with new EP
The good man known as Mochipet will be releasing a new EP next week Tuesday and I am sure the music will be as twisted as the title for it: Psilocybin Samurai. It doesn’t matter if you do mushrooms or not, but you may want to step away from ledges before listening. You can pre-order the EP above through Bandcamp.

FREE DL: Mochipet’s “Kaiju Pet”

 photo MochipetKP_cover_zps9850496c.jpg

Mochipet is apparently a fan of the film Pacific Rim, enough to where it influenced to put together a new song called “Kaiju Pet”. He said that he wasn’t a fan of the soundtrack, so he decided to create his own soundtrack of sorts. This is what happened. Good job, Mochipet.