FREE DL: Juice Machine’s “Untitled Album”

While a lot of attention is being paid to Portland, there’s more to the weirdness of Oregon than just what is going on in Bridgetown, for you may want to check out what is going on down in the city of Eugene. This is where Juice Machine, a husband/wife electronic experimental/noise duo are from, and they’ve just released an album that they couldn’t decide a title form, so it’s simply called Untitled Album. They make a mess of noise with whatever tools they have available and offer it to those willing to listen, which may be gratifying, satisfying, or maniacally nuts. I say it’s a nice blend of all three. If improvised electronics are your thing, stream and listen to this. Two tracks, one album, and it’s for free but if you’re supportive to the cause, please use the “Name Your Price” option.

REVIEW: Meanza&De’s “OU”

Meanza&De photo MeanzaDe_coverSML_zpszs7dkb9i.jpg OU (Aut) is one of those albums where you’re unsure what you’re listening to and why but something hooks you, pulls you in and keeps you within its realm for its duration. At least that is how I interpret what Meanza&De do on OU, a mixture of electronic peculiarity where everything sounds chopped to the smallest detail and adjusted to create something that isn’t weird. In fact, I would call the music here a distant cousin of the familiar but it’s so off-center that you want to touch it if you could. Or with a track like “OSC”, things begin very beautifully and delicate and then it finds itself in a new world and things make you feel dizzy, if not queasy. The electronics are then mixed in with instrumentation of what sounds like found instruments, or instruments that may very well be custom made, but it may be a figment of my imagine as the two people involved (Bob Meanza and Filipe Dias De) are credited as playing two things: electronics and sitar. I hear what Meanza is creating and what I like is that it is meant to sound foreign, if not distant but what he does makes you want to come closer, to touch it and know what it feels or smells like. De’s guitar work may be subtle at first but concentrate on the sounds. Sometimes it sounds fairly normal, other times you wonder if the traditional pandits would cringe at the thought of the sounds being stretched to nth limits.

It’s very experimental in every sense of the world but it’s not annoying nor will it make you cringe. OU is a place you didn’t think you’d ever want to be in but once you explore the elements, you hope more people will come inside and populate the place.

FREE DL: Brother Saturn’s “The Road Less Traveled”
Drew Miller is back with a new album under his Brother Saturn identity and like his previous works, this one is intense in its own way. Don’t let that be a reason to not want to listen to The Road Less Traveled, as the means to listen is free. On top of that, downloading the album is also free but please use the “Name Your Price” option to show some support.

AUDIO: The Northern Hemisphere’s “A Walk In The Park”

Drew Miller is back with something new under one of my favorite nom de plumes, The Northern Hemisphere. He may have some new music just around the corner, could be under this name or a few more so as always, stay tuned but for now, have a listen to how is to take “A Walk In The Park”.

FREE DL: Brother Saturn’s “three dead horsemen”
There are times when I see that Drew Miller has released new music, I’m more than happy but when he uses another nom de plume, I’m thinking “again?” However, when he retains one name for a number of releases, I am at least comfortable in knowing this. Sure, it’s all tags and perhaps it doesn’t matter for Miller is more than willing to create and release his music and here’s another one of his, under the name Brother Saturday. This project is called three dead horsemen and you can say each horseman is here in the form of a song. The shortest song on this album is 6 1/2 minutes while the largest is a few seconds short of 31 minues, he’s going on that BVDUB vibe. Miller/Brother Saturns continues with his great travels so get this and see where he turns to. It’s a free release but definitely use the “Name Your Price” option to show support.

SOME STUFFS: Drew Miller releases two brand new albums

You may not know Colorado musician Drew Miller just yet but if you’ve been keeping track of my website for the las few year years, you have seen projects by The Northern Hemisphere, Aywazlawst, Brother Saturn, and Chromadrift. Two new albums have been released, thsi time by The Northern Hemisphere and Chromadrift.

The album by The Northern Hemisphere is called We Were Stranded On An Island and while I like it when he releases EP’s every few months, the album experience is much more exciting. Have a listen.

For his album as Chromadrift, check out Another Cold Universe. Listen to them as you want, you may hear some kind of continuity between all of them, or you may hear them individually as their own masterpieces, or just listen for the sake of experiencing new sounds from the man. CHeck out Another Cold Universe below.

Both albums are available for free but if you are really into what Miller offers, show some support or maybe even better, if you’re a movie or video director and want to collaborate with him for a future project, get in contact with him, he’s on both Twitter and Facebook.

FREE DL: Chromadrift’s “Europa Mission” (EP)

Newly released today is another project from Drew Miller, this time under the name Chromadrift and this time an EP with the title Europa Mission. Five songs in total, which includes a 13-minute closing track called “Night Terrors”, which is sure not to scare you (unless you’re determined to be scared) but it is meant to make you think, which is pretty much what his music is always about. You were able to preview “Night Terrors” here and now you can hear and download the project in full.

FREE DL: Chromadrift’s “White Noise”
A few days ago, Colorado’s Drew Miller posted a new song under the name Brother Saturn. In his way to continue to explore his creativity and potential, he has released a brand new album but under the Chromadrift name, just to keep his fans guessing. This one is called White Noise, a paranormal-sort of album which has to do to find a way to talk with the afterlife, or at least the songs are in honor of those who are no longer in this existence. The tracks are said to continue the communication, if it was possible to do so. You can stream the album now or download it for free via FLAC lossless or MP3’s via Bandcamp.

VIDEO: Apothek’s “Family”

 photo Apothek_old_zps5b967f14.jpg
Norway has it in locked in recent years with their music, and this time around we focus on the city of Oslo to check out Apothek, whose press release calls the music “glitchy electronica”, but not too startling because there’s a nice and warm pop sensibility that could allow this to get some success if major labels aren’t pissy about it. Long sentence? The music is worth the words.