RECORD CRACK: Six Six Seconds to release a 10″ single in June

Six Six Seconds photo SixSixSeconds_oldSML_zpshfhrcelo.jpg
Six Six Seconds are a duo consisting of Eden (no last name for now) and Karl O’Connor, a German group who have been using their pop craftiness for good, and they’re about to do so on June 1st on the Blackest Ever Black label when they release a new single called “Tearing Down Heaven” b/w “Reprise”. It will be released digitally but vinyl junkies will be able to have it as a 10″, which is quite nice.

You may have heard “Tearing Down Heaven” on a compilation three years ago on Downwards called So Click Heels. The single will extend the song a bit while the B-side is a “Reprise”, which means it caters to the original mix as a way to say “this is where you heard us first”. Only 500 copies of the 10″ will be made. You may listen to the A-side below, then consider pre-ordering it directly from Blackest Ever Black.

VIDEO: Grails’ “Invitation To Ruin”

From their Temporary Residence album Black Tar Prophecies Vol’s 4, 5 & 6, Grails have created a lo-fi classic that is crusty and full of tracking problems. Dig out that special Cinemax After Hours videotape where everything is on SLP for maximum storage capabilities, and watch Grails’ “Invitation To Ruin”. The fact that you still have and watch a Cinemax After Hours video tape speaks volumes.

REVIEW: Bestial Mouths’ self-titled album

 photo BestialMouths_cover_zps2d777078.jpg Bestial Mouths are about to release their self-titled debut album on Clan Destine Records, and if you’re a fan of gothy pop/rock with occasional glimpses of metal industrial music, you will fall in love with this band. This Los Angeles band create music that has the vibe of early 80’s artists like Siouxsie & The Banshees and Lene Lovich, right down to the distant echo and reverb of the vocals and the cold feel of the music being played. A part of it sounds dated, but a lot of this music still sounds as power as it did back then, and Bestial Mouths are doing it as if it’s brand new and not-ready for anyone but the devoted.

This is the band’s second album, so I’m curious to know what they’ll be doing with future releases, as it seems they’re set with their musical voyage. It should be an interesting trip nonetheless.

VIDEO: Tropic of Cancer’s “More Alone (Live at MFNW)”

From their Room 205 live showcase last month at MusicFest NW in Portland, Oregon, Tropic Of Cancer bring the darnkess of “More Alone” to a place of no return.

They and HTRK are releasing a split 12″ single (also available digitally) tomorrow, you can find out more by clicking here or ordering it directly from Amazon below.

VIDEO: Eyedress’ “Teen Spirits”

There’s some kissing, applying make-up, and closet confusion in this video, along with a pool. What does it all mean? I’m not sure what Eyedress are and/or/is trying to say, but “Teen Spirit” says a lot in its own way. The song is from the Number Line Records EP Half-Japanese, which you can stream and listen and/or download via Bandcamp.

Eyedress is the new name for Idris Vicuña, guitarist for Bee Eyes. Like his label, Eyedress is based in Manila, Philippines.