VIDEO: GQ’s “The Town”

For one generation, GQ was the name of the band who released their hit song, “Disco Nights”, in 1979. Today, GQ is an MC by the name of Quentin Thomas, and in 2013 he is about to unveil two albums. The proper album will be called Death Threats and Love Notes but before that, a pre-cursor called Death Threats and Love Notes: The Prelude, which features one of three tracks produced by 9th Wonder called “The Town”, the video of which you may view above. It will be released on 9th’s own label, Jamla, so along with working with a number of other producers (including Sinopsis, Eric G., Fatin, and Khrysis), GQ and his music is sure to get a nice and significant buzz so if this is your first introduction, get familiar with him. He plans on working for awhile.