VIDEO: Granddad Woolly’s “R.T.B. 1”

The granddad of hip-hop has returned and he has a new album on its way. Check out “R.T.B. 1” by Granddad Woolly and find out where he’s headed. As for where exactly, he’s heading with Chikano to do an album called KanoDadda: EXPRMNT VII and they’ve started a Kickstarter project to make it happen so if you’re a longtime fan or perhaps this video motivates you to give a few dollars, click here for more details.

VIDEO: Granddad Woolly’s “The End”

It may not be the conclusion of Granddad Woolly’s career just yet but his new video is for “The End”, and there may be a reason for it. The song is taken from The Vanilla Tape, and there is a reason he titled it that way too. Find out for yourself.

VIDEO: Granddad Woolly’s “24/7”

A new video by Granddad Woolly has been made, and it has nothing to do with R&B singer Dino, but perhaps Granddad Woolly could take you to heaven if you so desire. The song is called “24/7”, taken from his Flight To Lisbon album, which you may stream below before choosing to buy it in full.

VIDEO: Grand Hostility’s “Instruments”

Granddad Woolly and Hostile Product have collaborated in a new musical function called Grand Hostility, and they released an EP in June called Project Zero: The EP. Now you’re able to see them at work in a video for “Instruments”.

VIDEO: Granddad Woolly’s “The Brine”

Flight To Lisbon is the latest project from Granddad Woolly, and he has made a new video from the album, and it’s called “The Brine”, produced by Boonie Mayfield. If he continues making music this way, the entire album is going to be ruthless. You’ll have to wait until June for the album will be released in full but until then, bite on this one.

VIDEO: Granddad Woolly’s “219 (Flows Born)”

When you have Hefty Beats assisting you towards making a good instrumental, you can’t go wrong. This is what Granddad Woolly did for his forthcoming album, and one of the gems created forit is called “219 (Flows Born)”, where he takes his music inside and out to get the rhymes to the people who need to hear it. More will be obtained when Flight To Lisbon makes itself known in June.