VIDEO: Grandhorse’s “Short Drive With A Kidnapper”

Portland, Oregon is a peculiar place… but is it? Nah, but it’s a city that has gained a lot of attention in the last ten years but one band that wants to show you what being a Portlander is all about are called Grandhorse. “Short Drive With A Kidnapper” sounds like the kind of song that would scare parents and kids alike, but it’s nothing more than a song from their Portraiturefolio album, a title which is peculiar in itself and… okay, maybe Portland is a peculiar place but it’s a wonderful place to be. Grandhorse are a wonderful band, but don’t tell them about it.

The group will be doing a small handful of shows in the spring, if you are in the following cities and states, you may drive, scoot, bicycle, walk, or like this music video shows, run to these venues and rock out with Grandhorse.

March 25… Portland Oregon (Kenton Club) @ #
March 28… Billings Montana (The Railyard) @
March 29… Denver Colorado (Illegal Petes) @
March 31… Boise Idaho (a House Show) ^

@ = w/ Rubedo
# = w/ Khan Heir
^ = w/ Sun Blood Stories

Their Portraiturefolio, released last summer, can be downloaded for free with no obligation to you.