SOME STUFFS: Greetings From Tuskan returns with first album in seven years

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Considering what she has done in the last few years, one might find it hard to believe that Joëlle Lê has not done a Greetings From Tuskan project in seven years, but it’s true. Fortunately, Lê has made some time to get back into the Tuskan frame of mind to create a brand new album, the 12-song The Love From Afar (Circle Into Square), released last week. You may stream it in full below through Bandcamp, and the album is available as a free download with a “Name Your Price” option so if you find it quite good, make a donation.

FREE DL: Bike For Three!’s “Ethereal Love”

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It is certain that Bike For Three! will have a new album. What is uncertain at this time is the title for it. This will be decided at a later date but for now, you are being treated to a song from it called “Ethereal Love”. I’m already liking where this is going.

AUDIO: Bike For Three!’s “Full Moon”

Bike For Three! photo BikeForThreeFM_cover_zps2048cdae.jpg
As Bike For Three! put together elements towards their next full length album, they’ve decided to share the one song that is complete. It’s called “Full Moon”, and the possibilities of this song are:
1) it could make you dance
2) it could make you think
3) it could make you use your rap hands
4) it could make you cry in a corner
5) it could help you lose yourself in an echo chamber

Find out if you can come up with your own possibilities.

FREE DL: Bike For Three!’s “More Heart Than Brains Instrumentals”

Bike For Three photo BikeForThreeMHTBi_cover_zps4611062d.jpg
If you are a fan of the 2009 Bike For Three! project More Heart Than Brains, you might have been someone who said “man, I wish Buck 65 and Greetings From Tuskan would have dropped an instrumental version of this. You’re now in luck, as More Heart Than Brains Instrumentals has been made available for all to listen to and download for free. You’re now able to take a deeper listen to the instrumentals that were created, which is very much of value, however… you’re getting it for free.

FREE MP3 DL: Greetings From Tuskan’s “Come Close & Whisper”

Greetings From Tuskan photo GFTuskan_cover_zps4c65ec92.jpg
Joëlle Lê has released another track under her Greetings From Tuskan moniker, and with an album scheduled for release sometimes next year, this is only a hint of some of the riches to come. This one is called “Come Close & Whisper”, and with a 2:40 intro before the first lyrics are heard, the instrumentation builds up to that moment before you end up with a nice sigh. Lê describes this song as being an interpretation of “the short and fleeting moment of understanding when two people share a moment of intimacy.” It has a romantic feel, but also a haunting one if you allow it to go that direction.

AUDIO: Greetings From Tuskan’s “The Unreached Kiss”

You may remember the Bike For Three! project, which featured producer Buck 65 and Joëlle Lê. While Buck 65 is well known among those in the know, most may not be familiar with Lê just yet. This is soon to change.

Greetings From Tuskan ie Lê’s latest project, and she has an album due out later this year. “The Unreached Kiss” is the first track to surface from it, and it reminds me of what Seven Fields Of Aphelion’s solo album represented as part of the Black Moth Super Rainbow organization.

For possible hints on what the album will be like, check out the official Greetings From Tuskan Bandcamp page.