RECORD CRACK: Sea Of Shit release 10″ of self-titled EP

 photo SeaOfShit_cover_zps20814a03.jpg
Chicago punk/hardcore/metal mayhem is at an all time high with help from Sea Of Shit, who released a 15-song EP digitally this past summer, but for those who have waited for it to drop on vinyl, the wait is over. This one hits hard and endlessly, at least for under 20 minutes. Stream it in full below and if you’re into as I am, show some support and buy the record.

REVIEW: Gristnam’s “Release1” (EP)

 photo Gristnam_cover_zps70405856.jpg Release1 is a 5-song EP by New Orleans’ Gristnam, a great 5-piece band featuring Keith Sierra Jr. (drums), John Miskimmin (bass), Greg Bourgeois (guitar), Steve Bourgeois (guitar) and Shaun Emmons (vocals). These guys sound like the New Orleans metal bastards they are, taking in the kind of crunch and dirges that come from some of the best metal bands out of the south, but also adding in a thick hardcore punk spirit that results in songs with a number of different texture and tempo changes with each song. They remind me of bands like Bone Dance, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Retox, but with their own richness that will help keep them low and high at the same time. When the band start getting rhythmically in touch with one another, it’s an awesome groove. When they sound like they’re bombarding on each other as they musically machete each other, it’s beautiful. None of the songs go over the three-and-a-half minute mark, and I’m almost afraid to know what would happen if they did. They might create something at builds as an epic, before they end things in a satisfactory mass suicide. I look forward to how they’ll punch me next.

VIDEO: Call Of The Void’s “Abomination”

Released in March, Dragged Down A Dead End Path (Relapse) is a debut album that has made not only Call Of The Void Fans proud, but punk and hardcore fans not only throughout the band’s Colorado homemade, but throughout the country. They want to take their music worldwide, and will continue pushing forward to make it happen. They’ve just released a video for “Abomination”, which may look like an updated version of Journey’s “Faithfully” video but… not quite, although they do share a love for the road, as brutal as that (ahem) journey can be.

REVIEW: Full Of Hell’s “Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home”

Photobucket Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home (A389) is a new album by Full Of Hell, a Maryland band that bring together layers of hardcore and a metal grind and mix it in a mix that sounds like the thoughts of suicidal contemplation.

The equation may make people go “oh, it’s just grindcore” although it sounds more like what O.L.D. created than anything Napalm Death or Morbid Angel ever put together, where the punk and hardcore influences are acknowledged. “The Bed Is Burning” sounds a bit like Bathory meets D.R.I. where you have a layer of vocals that sounds frightening but placed over an energetic groove that sounds more than just an evening of Satanic convesion. What I like about these guys is that there is a gnarly metal groove, call it low end/warbly grunge that might fit in with the Southern Lord roster.

There’s a sense of doom and ultimate regret in these songs, but then the groove and the speed of these songs show they’re not just relying on trusted formulas. Full Of Hell are willing to explain why they used the name they’ve chosen for themselves, but want to add a bit more texture to give it some added weight.

(Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home will be released on vinyl, pre-orders are being taken now at A389 Records. Digital fans can buy the MP3’s from the Amazon box below.)

REVIEW: Meadows’ EP

Photobucket A name like Meadows may sound like a nice river or pond, or it might bring in visions of flowers and free flowing streams. But Meadows, in this case, are a loud ass 4-piece from England that bring together brutal metal and punk and blend it with a vengeance that at times sounds like getting lost in a dog kennel, and someone just threw in freshly cut steaks. Their 4-song EP (self-titled) packs in a lot of content, moving from songs that may have a massive grungy wallop to others that will make you want to rip your mind out for fun. There are elements of sludge, doom, and stoner metal, but when they get into punk mode, they may remind fans of some of the best bands who combined different elements of these songs without remaining in their for too long. Imagine bursts of The Accused, Superconductor, Eyehategod, Aspirin Feast, and Crowbar, and then having these sounds pulled out of your eye socket. You feel enraged just listening to it, but it’s exciting to hear, especially as layers of feedback lead you to places you never thought you wanted to me. When they grind, they grind well. When they speed up their attack, there’s no place to hide.